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    Why Does Newly Hired Executive Talent Fail to Thrive?

    After a time consuming interview and hiring process, a new executive is finally hired. The candidate has the ...
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    Highlights-Buyouts East Conference, March 22-23

    Previously published on LinkedIn by Susan Hawkins Conference Highlights With close to 60 keynotes and panels, ...
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    2017 Economic Forecast: Global Economist Dr. Allen Sinai

    Top Takeaways – A look ahead to 2017 by Susan Hawkins Dr. Allen Sinai– 2017 Economic Forecast Our firm, BSG ...
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    Private Equity: Changing Perceptions and New Realities (source: McKinsey)

    PE performance success is a moving target—but one worth pursuing. McKinsey analysis of the World Economic ...
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    What Recruiters Think When They See Your LinkedIn Profile

    Most job candidates know they need to have the obligatory linked-in account. But successful ones go above and ...
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    Long Hiring Delays Are Costing Companies Candidates, While Pushing Time to Fill To Record Highs

    He who hesitates is lost. Especially hiring managers, who are increasingly losing candidates to competitors ...
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    What We're Reading: "Grit, The Power of Passion and Perseverance" by Angela Duckworth

    In the first edition of BSGTV's What We're Reading, BSG'S Susan Hawkins reviews Grit, The Power of Passion ...
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    Chaos & Disruption in the Consumer Sector - And a Path Forward

    This article was originally posted on LinkedIn. Some Takeaways from a recent ACG Boston Industry Spotlight ...
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    Top Takeaways from ACG INTERGROWTH New Orleans

    This article was originally posted on LinkedIn. Top Takeaways - ACG INTERGROWTH May 2-4, 2016 New Orleans by ...
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