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    Executive Assessment Services In NYC

    Rainy day afternoon of meetings in NYC with BSG's own clinical psychologist Dr. Dan Squires, affectionately ...
    by BSG
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    The Most Important Lessons in Hiring & Compensation from 2019

    With an incredibly strong labor market and demand for top talent outpacing supply, BSG reader preferences ...
    by BSG
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    Unpacking the Coaching Value Proposition in private-equity backed Middle Market Companies

    There’s been a lot written and discussed around coaching of the sports variety.  Talk radio, TV, newspaper ...
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    Executive Integration Assessment | Talent Toolbox - Explainer Video

    A component of our Talent Toolbox, the Executive Integration Assessment is a structured approach to ...
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    David & Goliath: The Art and Science of the Underdog Search - Dr. Dan's Weekly Wag

    In a previous post titled, “When a Seemingly Perfect Candidate May be Fool’s Gold”, I presented a candidate ...
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    Are Introverts Really Less Socially Adept? - Dr. Dan's Weekly Wag

    As with many perpetuated myths of the mind, we have Freud to thank for the origins of this unfortunate ...
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    What To Do When What Got You Here May Not Get You There - Dr. Dan's weekly wag

    I get to know folks pretty quickly, and it turns out that Roy Rogers was right—most people are pretty ...
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    The "Attitude-Aptitude" curve - Dr. Dan's weekly wag

    Welcome to Dr. Dan’s Weekly Wag!  This is the maiden edition of what I intend to be a digestible tidbit of ...
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    5 Success Factors in Middle Market PE Portfolio Company Recruiting

    5 Success Factors in PE Portfolio Company Recruiting RECRUITING FOR PE-BACKED MIDDLE MARKET PORTFOLIO ...
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