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Private Equity

Private equity is the main expertise of BSG's retained executive search services and represents two-thirds of all its recent executive placements.

Private equity
Retained Executive Search Services for Private Equity
Over the last several years, more than two out of three searches that BSG has been retained to do have been for leaders for private equity-backed businesses. Most people know that PE is nomenclature for a master asset class and that further segmentation is important, especially when considering specialized leaders who are the best fit for a specific sub-type of private equity investment. Size is a big factor when further dividing private equity into its component parts, and size also impacts the types of leaders who will fit best. Much of BSG’s team-building focus has been on middle market and lower middle market portfolio companies. These companies typically have annual revenues between $10M and $500M. Beyond size, while BSG has deep domain expertise in most sub-segments of private equity, we are particularly well versed in sub-genres often referred to with the following descriptors.
Our Search Specialties & Expertise in Private Equity - Hiring is Hard
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private equity


Growth equity.

This sub-segment includes several PE strategies that focus on value creation, including founder-led high growth, platform-plus-tuck-ins, and roll-ups.


Distressed equity.

Companies that have suffered a set-back of some kind that has put stress on profit, the team, and stakeholders.


Founder-led or founder-involved businesses.

Given BSG’s roots in venture capital-backed business, we know how different it is to bring in a new executive leader into a company that is still either led by or whose leadership team still contains founders and/or family members. BSG is particularly adept at assessing the cultural dynamics of a founder/family involved chemistry and culture, where special care needs to be levered on the “fit” equation to ensure that the new executive who is brought in will be able to contribute to value creation as investors would hope.


Carve-outs from larger corporate structures.

New leaders brought in to champion a carve-out from a larger corporate parent need to bring more in their toolbox than knowledge of TSAs (transactional service agreements). These leaders need to have experience coalescing an organization, creating vision, culling out distractions, and ensuring that the kernel of value captured in the spinout doesn’t get lost in the distraction of rebranding exercises and loss of the former corporate parental umbrella.

Here are some interesting statistics for BSG’s private equity specialty practice over the last 24 months:




Years In Business
BSG has placed top candidates since 1997
Hire External
90.2% of searches result in an external hire
24 years is the average executive search experience in our team. We count 173 years all together
3 in 4
CEOs Still Leading
Of all CEO searches BSG has done within the last 5 years, 3 out of 4 CEOs continue to lead their organizations to new growth milestones
We are driven by a passion to improve the entire search process.

“Other firms rush in; don’t do the deep dive to understand needs that BSG does.  PE firms value their time and BSG understands that.  They do not waste time on people that are not a fit.  BSG use of video is key to the success of the process - this twofold approach is unique to BSG.  Likes that the Fireside Chat is available to candidates but also feels that our candidate videos are a huge plus in screening candidates before actually interviews.  Allows deeper dive with candidates.  BSG’s systematic interview process far exceeds what we have experienced with other search firms.”

Don Charlton, Operating Partner


”We chose BSG because we felt that their approach would be more systematic and more transparent than other Executive Search Firms that we have used. Indeed, the weekly reviews which were always conducted on time and efficiently, the access to their candidate development list, and our ability to preview recorded candidate interviews before meeting with candidates all supported a very effective process.

Beyond that, BSG's ability to listen to our requirements and their ability to design a search around our specific requirements was the ultimate key to the success of our CEO search. We never felt as if we were receiving a recycled list of "the usual suspects" and we were impressed that they continued to carry out candidate development to the very end even as we began to focus on our finalist. We highly recommend them.”

David P. Bernstein, President & CEO

“BSG spends much more time with candidates upfront and provides a much more detailed overview of a candidate's career, strengths, weaknesses, etc. This is a huge load off of me and my time.  Also, the sell-side video increases the “sell-through” of more candidates into the process, into consideration, into being interested.  Candidates reference this all the time when interviewing with me as big driver for them to consider our company.”  

Art Papas, CEO Bullhorn

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For the last 4 years, BSG and Dr. Allen Sinai, Chief Global Economist and Strategist, have brought together PE investors and investor-backed CEOs to review economic predictions for the upcoming year. Last year's "Trumponomics" presentation on the likely impact of Trump in 2017 was a viral hit among our circles.

This year our annual Economic Forecast was held at the Dane Estate at Pine Manor College on November 9, 2017 and we are proud to present the highlights of Dr. Sinai's predictions.


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