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For Executive Search Candidates


BSG is a retainer-only executive search firm, meaning that most of our work is for client companies who engage us to fill key positions and who pay our fees. In other words, we work for companies and not candidates. This is an important distinction from contingency search firms and employment agencies, who also get paid for marketing candidates and finding people jobs.

The good news is that we have placed more than 500 executives and individual contributors within our network of clients internationally.

How can we help you then?

First, on a new search assignment we start with our existing database of candidates, and we are always looking for talent to add to this database. Unless we know about you, we cannot contact you with a new opportunity. And even though you may be relatively happy where you are now, like most people you probably are open to the right new opportunity. 

Second, we are often asked by our regular clients to make them aware of exceptional talent even when they are not actively looking for someone with those particular skills. Frequently these clients will create positions for truly extraordinary individuals.

Finally, we do a limited amount of marketing of individuals with certain high-demand skills. This is especially true when those individuals have compelling reasons for making a move (such as spouse relocation). If you think you fall into this category, include with your resume a letter that states your reasons for seeking a new position and why one of our clients should be interested in you.

In general, our greatest value to you will be if you:

  • work within our specialty areas (technology, education, information and  media, life sciences)
  • work at a VP-level or higher or are seeking a board position
  • are open to relocation for the right opportunity

Can we help you if you do not match these criteria? Possibly... especially if your requirements happen to match those of one of our current assignments.

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Firm Principles

3 in 4
Hired to Last
3 in 4 CEOs we brought to our clients in the last 5 years are still in the chair
1+1 = 3
We Do Relationships
Rather than one search wonders that can feel more like a hit-and-run, we want to be your trusted talent advisor and not an occasional supplier. And through these relationships we build a deep understanding of what success looks like in your business, and which candidates both will and will not be accretive to your business and its goals
We believe that great businesses are run on people.
Talent is the lifeblood of business. And almost all of our clients have a business context that requires what we call the “builder-leader” profile

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