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BSG executive search expertise covers a vast array of Energy and CleanTech industries.

Retained Executive Search for Energy

One of the larger new practice areas for BSG in the last 7  years has been Energy, and specifically its related cleantech subsectors. Given its relative newness as an industry, cleantech has been referred to alternatively as renewable energy, sustainable energy, and greentech. We’re proud to have done search work in the vast majority of subsectors of cleantech including:

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Green chemistry
  • Water technologies
  • Software related to energy efficiency
  • Energy services
Our Search Specialties & Expertise in Energy
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energy & cleantech

BSG’s body of search work parallels the evolution of the cleantech industry.

Energy storage.

One of the most exciting areas of the cleantech innovation sector, energy storage remains the holy grail, or the “last mile” challenge for energy markets. BSG has done searches in cathode/anode materials like graphene.

Fuel cells.

Another storage related area, BSG has done search work in hydrogen-based and other fuel cell related technologies, for both stationary and mobile applications, military and commercial.


BSG has done numerous searches in the wind sector, including searches for break-through wind measurement solution (SODAR), to wind farm software management and monitoring to wind turbine technologies.


BSG has done search work around clean water, everything from filters and filtering technologies  to innovative new twists on both reverse and forward osmosis solutions.


One of the largest subsectors of the new energy development landscape, BSG has done searches in everything from photovoltaic/ PV silicon wafer technology for solar cells to inverter technologies, thermal window innovation and more.  Downstream solar development has also been an area of BSG expertise, with a track record in solar energy development, ownership and operation. Multi-megawatt solar fields, site acquisition, design, engineering and construction, along with financing and project management.

Green chemistry.

BSG has done searches in areas of green chemistry that touch on carbon sequestration and alternative plastics.

Energy efficiency and energy consumption and management.

BSG has done a host of searches in energy efficiency, energy consumption monitoring, and energy auditing.  Often these searches involve a combination of software and services capabilities, and span the energy supply chain spectrum from ISOs to commercial transmission, and both commercial and residential energy auditing, retrofitting, demand response, power purchase agreements, and co-generation solutions.  BSG has also done work in the smart home sector and related LED lighting segments.


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 “Clark performed an executive search for one of SJF's clean energy portfolio company with excellent results. He was diligent at helping us find the best talent, with superb results, and is quite informed and connected in cleantech sector."

David Kirkpatrick, SJF Ventures

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The Importance of “Discovery” in Executive Search: Measure twice, cut once

The point I always come back to is that to manage a successful search, to find the best executives for positions, real heavy lifting must be done before candidates are interviewed. This part of the search is called “discovery,” and without it, the search can go astray and drag on.


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