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BSG executive search experts specialize in many highly focused science and healthcare subspecialties.


Executive Search: Health Services & Healthcare IT

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sciences-search.pngSciences is as broad a term as technology. So, for our purposes, we’ve divided our sciences practice areas into the following subspecialties:

Life Sciences
Medical Devices, Equipment, Healthcare Related
Healthcare Technology & Services
Energy & CleanTech

Our Search Specialties & Expertise in Science
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Sciences & Healthcare 


Life Sciences

Our work in life sciences is primarily focused on biotechnology. This sector includes both drug discovery and platform technologies, and covers such fields as genomics, proteomics, and beyond.


Medical devices, equipment, healthcare related.

BSG has a track record of working in the 510K Class I and Class II devices area. With the fusion of software, firmware, and medical hardware, advanced systems for medical diagnostics, devices, monitoring & research instrumentation are a large and continually growing industry, and one where BSG has has played a pivotal role in building out executive teams to meet the needs of the medical device and related sectors.


Healthcare IT.

This includes data analytics across the payer and provider (see technology practice area for more detail on this BSG specialty)



This crossover area between technology and material sciences. BSG has done numerous searches in this niche, from carbon nanotubes to Graphene, and this sector continues to grow in importance and funding.


Energy & CleanTech.

One of the larger new practice areas for BSG in the last 7 years has been Energy, and specifically its related cleantech subsectors. Given its relative newness as an industry, clean tech has been referred to alternatively as renewable energy, sustainable energy, and greentech. We’re proud to have done search work in the vast majority of subsectors of cleantech including:

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Green chemistry
  • Water technologies
  • Software related to energy efficiency
  • Energy services


Years In Business
BSG has placed top candidates since 1997
Hire External
90.2% of searches result in an external hire
24 years is the average executive search experience in our team. We count 173 years all together
3 in 4
CEOs Still Leading
Of all CEO searches BSG has done within the last 5 years, 3 out of 4 CEOs continue to lead their organizations to new growth milestones
We are driven by a passion to improve the entire search process for PE-backed middle market companies.

“BSG filled the CEO position with an excellent candidate in an extremely short time period, and more important, this candidate turned out to be a world class CEO with extreme market knowledge and experience that was unique to our company. “

Alex Erhart, Partner, Trinity Capital Investments

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“Trumponomics”—7 minutes of Economic Predictions for 2017

This is the whiteboard animated highlights reel from our annual private equity dinner held each November where we invite noted global economist Dr. Allen Sinai to speak about what lies in store for the year ahead.

This year was unique in that Allen spoke to the group about a week after the surprise 2016 presidential election, and the likely effects of a Trump administration on the economy.


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