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BSG specializes in a wide array of healthcare specialties from services, hospital and office management, PE-backed healthcare IT, and billing & payment solutions.


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ehealth-healthcare-it-technology.pngHealthcare is one of the broadest practice areas in which we specialize. From healthcare services and managed care to hospital and physician management and technology, we understand the nuanced world of hiring in the complex, ever-changing healthcare industry. Our specialties include:

Healthcare IT & Technology-Enabled Services
Hospitals, Medical Providers, Associations
Managed Care & Insurance
Healthcare Services
Academic Medical Schools, Teaching Hospitals & Associations
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Today we look at Executive Compensation Highlights for VP of Engineering in PE-backed middle-market B2B Healthcare SaaS Software.

As executive recruiters, we are often asked about executive compensation.

When we complete an assignment, we aggregate the compensation data we have collected across the search, and share it with the executive talent community from which it came. In this case, in Q3, 2017 we finished a VP Engineering search for a growth equity SaaS software & services client located in the Midwest US focused on developing and selling B2B healthcare solutions into payers and providers. Read More

COMPLETED EXECUTIVE SEARCH | SVP BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT | HEALOGICS We are delighted to announce our executive search placement of Matthew Smith as the Senior Vice President Business Development for Healogics, the nation’s largest provider of advanced wound care services with more than 16 years in the industry. Read More
HIRING IN HEALTHCARE TAKES CENTER STAGE AT BSG 2017 was an exciting 20th anniversary year—a year filled with major triumphs and unprecedented accomplishments conquered at breakneck speeds. As BSG experienced historic growth across its many practice sectors and areas of expertise, one sector in particular stood out for its exemplary performance this past year—even when compared to our cornerstone industries (Private Equity (PE) and Education, among others) that BSG is known for across the executive search world. Read More



Healthcare IT & Technology-Enabled Services

Due to the spiraling costs of healthcare, there is increasing pressure on the industry to do the impossible—reduce cost AND improve outcomes… oh, and by the way while keeping or improving the speed of clinical treatment.  Whether payer or provider, one of the only hopes the healthcare industry has to achieve this is to harness technology in its every incantation.  And all of this done under arguable heavy government regulation (HIPAA, FDA regulatory restrictions on drug discovery, medical devices development 510K approvals, healthcare payer restrictions on reimbursability, and increasing healthcare provider oversight including HCAHPS & Press Ganey).

Healthcare IT and healthcare services present a unique opportunity to tackle the industry’s cost challenges across the healthcare spectrum. From moving care from centralized hospital setting toward homecare, connected health, telehealth & big data just to name a few.  The migration from EMRs (electronic medical records) to PHRs (personal health records), to EHRs (electronic health records),  and all that comes with this transformation is no small task.  And it calls on all parts of the technology sector to help problem solve, spanning mobile, digital, social, payments, information management, security, cloud, and data visualization to name just a few.  Healthcare industry associations like Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) (www.himss.org) have tried to keep pace with the explosion of demand for information sharing, best practices, and the latest technology breakthroughs that may enable “better, faster, cheaper” healthcare for all patients. 


Hospitals, Medical Providers, Associations.

The provider segment—whether ACOs, municipal hospitals, teaching hospitals, private physician practices, concierge medicine, ambulatory, urgent care facilities, in-patient or out—all are innovating.   Leadership both medical and business is critical to making all of these organizations thrive as they serve their communities and patients.


Managed Care & Insurance.

We focus on organization and management across major health insurers and related subsectors.  Revenue cycle management is important not just for providers but payers, along with charge capture accuracy, and ICD-10 conversion challenges.


Healthcare Services.

The healthcare environment is under intense scrutiny and faces complex challenges, answering to a host of regulatory, financial, legal, and organizational considerations. Strategically utilizing talent to address needs across the organization is our specialty.  Healthcare services is one of the fastest areas of growth in healthcare as the industry moves out of the hospital setting and into stand-alone facilities, concierge doctoring, and homecare.


Academic Medical Schools, Teaching Hospitals & Associations

The intersection of healthcare and academia presents its own unique challenges and needs as deans and chairs increasingly find themselves answering to any number of expectations and goals in collaborative executive management-driven approach to healthcare. From clinical requirements to executive leadership responsibilities, these organizations increasingly find themselves relying on external support to fulfill roles answerable to both traditional healthcare systems as well as more modern business-focused approaches.

For-Profit & PE-Backed.

Private equity has invested more than $35B a year in healthcare in the recent past, comprising almost 15% of total PE dollars invested by sector.  The combination of healthcare and private equity is one BSG knows well, and serves as its biggest constituent.


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90.2% of searches result in an external hire
24 years is the average executive search experience in our team. We count 173 years all together
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Of all CEO searches BSG has done within the last 5 years, 3 out of 4 CEOs continue to lead their organizations to new growth milestones
We are driven by a passion to improve the entire search process for PE-backed middle market companies.

“BSG filled the CEO position with an excellent candidate in an extremely short time period, and more important, this candidate turned out to be a world class CEO with extreme market knowledge and experience that was unique to our company. “

Alex Erhart, Partner, Trinity Capital Investments

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For the last 4 years, BSG and Dr. Allen Sinai, Chief Global Economist and Strategist, have brought together PE investors and investor-backed CEOs to review economic predictions for the upcoming year. Last year's "Trumponomics" presentation on the likely impact of Trump in 2017 was a viral hit among our circles. 

This year our annual Economic Forecast was held at the Dane Estate at Pine Manor College on November 9, 2017 and we are proud to present the highlights of Dr. Sinai's predictions.


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