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From financial services to healthcare and business process outsourcing, BSG experts have extensive experience finding the right services executives.

Retained Executive Search for Financial Services, Healthcare Services, Business Process Outsourcing & Professional Services

The services industry has been a catch-all phrase for businesses that don’t fit as round-peg into their corresponding round holes. However, private equity, and growth equity in particular, have invested in the services sector with great success. Some areas in which BSG has significant experience include:

  • BPO (business process outsourcing)
  • Healthcare services (not technical)
  • Financial services
Our Search Specialties & Expertise in Services
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BPO (business process outsourcing).

So many businesses revolve around a value proposition that allows companies to “outsource” something they had previously done internally. The recent trend to move toward an “asset light” corporate structure has driven more and more companies to outsource anything that is not a core competence, or around which--as Jim Collins says--a company is not developing as their hedge hog. Airlines have outsourced much of the cleaning and provisioning of planes, companies have outsourced their formerly captive printing and copying centers to 3rd parties who run them onsite but use 3rd parties employees. Even staffing has a BPO component, where companies will hire contractors vs. full time employees for seasonal or “peak demand” needs.


Healthcare services (non technical).

Healthcare is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors of the services economy in the U.S. Efforts to drive down healthcare costs, including hospital bed nights for patients, and the drive to improve adherence to drugs or therapies for outpatients has fueled the growth of the healthcare services sector.


Financial services.

This segment of the Services sector is well known and significant. This sector includes: Banking (Commercial and Investment), Insurance (Life and P&C), Asset Management (Institutional and Individual) and Commercial Real Estate. Within each of these sectors there are sub-sectors that include: client-facing relationship development and relationship management roles (specific to industry verticals, products/services and geographies), operations, technology, compliance, retail and wholesale. Insurance is similarly structured while Asset Management typically includes private banking, institutional asset management, portfolio management, fixed income, equities, analysis, operations and compliance. The larger the organization, the more narrowly defined the functions. Within boutique financial institutions, professionals are more generalist in their responsibilities. BSG has a referenceable track record in commercial banking, investment banking and asset management.


Management consulting services.

BSG has helped consulting firms add people at the Partner and Manager levels in business areas such as corporate strategy, information technology, litigation support, general manufacturing, aerospace and defense, and mergers and acquisitions. Our clients have ranged from large, international firms to smaller “boutique” firms focused on a particular niche or region. We have also helped corporate and private-equity clients recruit people from the consulting community for operating, strategic planning, business development, and other positions.


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24 years is the average executive search experience in our team. We count 173 years all together
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Of all CEO searches BSG has done within the last 5 years, 3 out of 4 CEOs continue to lead their organizations to new growth milestones
We are driven by a passion to improve the entire search process for PE-backed middle market companies.

“Other firms rush in; don’t do the deep dive to understand needs that BSG does.  PE firms value their time and BSG understands that.  They do not waste time on people that are not a fit.  BSG use of video is key to the success of the process - this twofold approach is unique to BSG.  Likes that the Fireside Chat is available to candidates but also feels that our candidate videos are a huge plus in screening candidates before actually interviews.  Allows deeper dive with candidates.  BSG’s systematic interview process far exceeds what we have experienced with other search firms.”

Don Charlton, Operating Partner, Argosy Capital
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“Trumponomics”—7 minutes of Economic Predictions for 2017

This is the whiteboard animated highlights reel from our annual private equity dinner held each November where we invite noted global economist Dr. Allen Sinai to speak about what lies in store for the year ahead.

This year was unique in that Allen spoke to the group about a week after the surprise 2016 presidential election, and the likely effects of a Trump administration on the economy.


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