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    Leadership Styles

    What is the best style leader? Is it a visionary? Someone who allows everyone to weigh in? What about a ...
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    Why Some Private Equity Firms Do Better Than Others

    Consistency is key—especially when it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff among private equity ...
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    Breaking Down 2015 Private Co. CEO Salary Increase by Industry

    Don’t make private equity CEO salary decisions in the dark. Shed light on compensation decisions by reviewing ...
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    What We're Reading: "Grit, The Power of Passion and Perseverance" by Angela Duckworth

    In the first edition of BSGTV's What We're Reading, BSG'S Susan Hawkins reviews Grit, The Power of Passion ...
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    What Is a VP of Business Development, Really?

    This article was originally posted on LinkedIn by Todd Hand. If you were to ask five different CEO’s what ...
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    Navigating the executive coaching jungle! Part Two

    Ten questions to select the right coach for you Congratulations! You know you have a development situation ...
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    Navigating the executive coaching jungle! Part One

    Get yourself ready to be coached If you have ever wanted to engage an executive coach you will know only too ...
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    Links to Leadership - October 2015

    Links to Recent Articles On Executive Leadership For Builder Leaders & their Investors OCTOBER 2015 BSG Team ...
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    CEO Severance and Employment Agreement Survey for Private Equity-backed Companies

    Periodically we survey our sectors of specialization to collect, analyze and disseminate what can be called ...
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