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    Top 10 Skills in 2022 | World Economic Forum

    This week BSG Principals Clark Waterfall and Don Clark traveled to Prague for the Tinzon Group Annual Meeting. Sharing best practices, keeping abreast of innovations and contributing to collective expertise in retained search are major components of our participation in this meeting. 

    WEF-Top-10-Skills-2022Today we were joined by guest presenter Senta Cermakova, Director of Brand & Strategic Innovations at Deloitte. Sharing insights from the World Economic Forum, we bring you the most declining and most prized skills in 2022:

    Most Declining Skills Top Skills in 2022
    Manual dexterity, endurance, and precision Analytical thinking and innovation
    Memory, verbal, auditory, and spatial abilities Active learning and learning strategies
    Management of financial, material resources Creativity, originality, and initiative
    Technology installation and maintenance Technology design and programming
    Reading, writing, math, and active listening Critical thinking and analysis
    Management of personnel Complex problem-solving
    Quality control and safety awareness Leadership and social influence
    Coordination and time management Emotional intelligence
    Visual, auditory, and speech abilities Reasoning, problem-solving
    Technology use, monitoring, and control Systems analysis and evaluation

    What skills are you prioritizing as we move forward? 

    -by BSG on Oct 4, 2019 12:40:19 PM


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