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    David & Goliath: The Art and Science of the Underdog Search

    In my last post titled, “When a Seemingly Perfect Candidate May be Fool’s Gold”, I presented a candidate case ...
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    5 Most Valuable Qualities of a Top-Performing CFO

    Contrary to the popular belief that BSG only retains on creative, thought-leader positions, CFO has been our ...
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    When a Seemingly Perfect Candidate May be Fool’s Gold

    He looked perfect—excellent pedigree, stellar employment history. He was local too, and even worked for a ...
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    Why Does Newly Hired Executive Talent Fail to Thrive?

    After a time consuming interview and hiring process, a new executive is finally hired. The candidate has the ...
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    Executive Compensation Highlights | PE Backed Mid–Market Manuf. | CFO

    Chief Financial Officer Executive Compensation Study Process Manufacturing Company Southeast Area The data ...
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    Executive Compensation Highlights | Private Distribution Company | New England CFO search

    Chief Financial Officer Executive Compensation Study Machine Tools Industry New England Area The data below ...
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    Executive Compensation Highlights: President in Manufacturing

    The data below was aggregated from conversations we had with manufacturing leaders who led engineering ...
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    Four Traits That Make You CEO Material (source: Executive Grapevine)

    What’s the recipe for a CEO’s success? A study led by Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, Steven N. ...
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    COO Executive Compensation Highlights--growth equity SaaS software company

    As executive recruiters, we are often asked about executive compensation. When we complete an assignment, we ...
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