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    • Vice President Services & Support for Healthx
    • Karl Folk is the successful candidate

    BSG is delighted to announce an executive search placement of Karl Folk as Vice President Services & Support for Healthx, the healthcare industry’s leading digital engagement platform for connecting healthcare payers, members, providers, employers and brokers.



    Karl Folk is a seasoned executive with two decades of experience dedicated to building and delivering healthcare software & services, delighting clients, and driving business operations results that consistently produce high margins.  He’s known for his integrity, high energy, relentless client focus, and innovation and an excellent blend of start-up and Fortune 50 company experience in environments ranging from hyper growth to business downsizing & dissolution.  Most recently, Karl was SVP Services & Delivery for Executive Networks.  Prior, Karl served in the healthcare software and services industry for over 20 years.  He has led large global consulting services, software implementation and learning services organizations for Fortune 50 companies such as Texas Instruments and McKesson and for start-up companies as well.  Karl is passionate about leading services teams to deliver exceptional customer service, by focusing on value-add services and meticulously executing best-of-class customer-focused processes.  He is known for developing innovative solutions and was instrumental in helping McKesson to build a physician-based portal that is used by more than 3 million physicians a day and has saved countless patient lives.  Karl also played a substantial leadership role to take a start-up company (TenFold) public with Goldman Sachs – which closed at $26 per share at the end of their first day of trading.

    Karl holds an undergraduate degree in Marketing from the University of Maine and an MBA from Bentley College’s McCallum School of Business. 


    Healthx provides the healthcare industry’s leading digital engagement platform connecting our payer customers to their consumer, provider, employer and broker constituents. As an innovator in cloud-based technology, Healthx supports over 180 payers representing 24 million members and 700,000 providers. Our engagement expertise enables us to guide customers to achieve their business objectives by driving online portal and mobile app utilization and producing measurable ROI. The platform can integrate with over 150 third party applications, customized into a seamless user experience across the consumer engagement ecosystem including shop and enroll, managing benefits, cost transparency, payment processing, wellness, health education and other specialty content. Healthx is a proven and trusted partner, led by healthcare and technology experts passionate about delivering engagement.


    BSG believes that great businesses are run on people.  Talent is the lifeblood of business.  And almost all of BSG’s clients have a business context that requires what BSG calls the “builder-leader” profile. 

    BSG does business.  BSG knows business, not just headhunting. BSG believes that to do really effective search, you need to get business and headhunting.  This isn’t just generic business that many search industry generalists espouse. Rather, it’s industry specific knowledge—of vertical industry sectors like SaaS software, the for-profit education industry sector, healthcare technology, business process-outsourcing sector, and the manufacturing and retail sectors.  These are just some of the industry verticals in which BSG claims deep contextual business knowledge.

    BSG does relationships.  Rather than one search wonders that can feel more like a hit-and-run, BSG wants to be a trusted talent advisor and not an occasional supplier.  And through these relationships BSG builds a deep understanding of what success looks like in your business, and which candidates both will and will not be accretive to your business and its goals.



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    -by Clark Waterfall on Mar 13, 2018 10:47:19 AM


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