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Who are Builder Leaders?

BSG focuses on the
Builder Leader hemisphere.
Who are Builder Leaders?
We believe that the globe of talent is comprised of two hemispheres – optimizers and builders. Each is critical for different stages of company growth and development. Optimizers are often best suited for companies that are mature, in steady-state, and growing incrementally. Builders, on the other hand, are best suited for companies that are facing significant growth or turn-around. Given our focus as retained executive search practitioners, we specialize in what we term “Builder Leaders”-- recruiting, assessing, and embedding these executives in companies undergoing significant change.

What makes BSG Team Ventures different?

Executive assessment is about
matching the invisible attributes.
Focusing on the Invisible Spectrum

3 things distinguish us from our search brethren:

  • Methodology—Since its inception in the 1960s, the executive search industry has made little progress with respect to innovations in methodology. We have incorporated a research-based methodology that improves the “fit-to-fail” ratio in executive hiring.
  • Process—We implement a unique set of tools that accelerates the search process and provides greater transparency for our clients.
  • People—We believe in the value of “boutique,” and we are committed to bringing this value to the recruitment process for any client engagement. For us, “boutique” means partner-level involvement at every stage of the search process – from pitching the engagement; to establishing a search strategy; to recruiting, assessing, providing client advisory and end-game referencing; and negotiating the offer, acceptance, and onboarding. Although we always leverage a team approach to each search, which brings together an in-house researcher, project management coordinator and search partner, a partner “finds, minds, and grinds” all phases of each engagement rather than delegating to more junior team members.
At BSG Team Ventures, we direct all of these things – methodology, process, and people – towards a single goal: unpacking one deceptively simple word: fit.

As they say in the executive recruiting industry, “the soft stuff is the hard stuff.” Here at BSG, we have spent the last 18 years determining how to better assess what we call the “Invisible Spectrum” of candidate attributes. So called because they are neither visible on a resume, nor apparent in a review of experience or education, it is these elements that are likely to contribute the most to the executive’s success in a new role. Executive fit attributes – for example: culture, chemistry, business values, decision-making style, motivation, and drivers – are strong indicators of the ability of a candidate to parlay prior accomplishments into success in a new company context. We seek to assess these attributes in our interviewing, that we may illuminate the “Invisible Spectrum."

BSG Team Ventures Principals

Our Principals have years of experience
BSG’s strategic partner input comes from over 20 years of search industry experience which provides both a strong and unique boutique search firm experience. Here at BSG, our senior level partners value strong commitment and actively involve themselves in all aspects of the search process. Our technique differs because our senior level partners follow through the whole search execution—we don’t hand off searches to junior level partners. BSG values your trust and disdains the bait-and-switch tactic that many other search firms implement.
Ralph Protsik
Now in his seventeenth year as a search professional, Ralph has established BSG Team Ventures as the preeminent boutique executive search firm in the for-profit education industry, with a track record that includes more than 200 senior-level searches for companies big and small, public and private, at the VP level and above.
Clark Waterfall is the co-founder and Managing Director of BSG Team Ventures, formerly the Boston Search Group, a boutique retained executive search firm focused on recruiting builder-leaders for the innovation sector. Vertical practice areas include software, cleantech, biotech, medical devices, interactive media, education and not-for-profit.
Susan Hawkins is a Partner with BSG Team Ventures. Susan brings twenty years of experience working with boards, CEOs, and private equity leaders in identifying, assessing, and recruiting executives. She has deep experience and a proven track record of recruiting C-Level executives across a broad spectrum of industry sectors and company stages, with a specialty in private equity, Fortune 1000 technology, and venture-backed start-ups.
Don Clark is a Partner and Leader of the Financial Services Sector Practice at BSG Team Ventures. With almost three decades of search experience, Don has successfully recruited professionals for positions including: CEO, COO, CFO, VP-Finance, Chief Investment Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Chief Retail Banking Officer as well as specialists for M&A, corporate finance, wealth management, structured finance, cash/treasury management, financial strategies, corporate development and private equity. Experience is across most industry verticals.
Lew Weinstein has been in the executive search business for over 25 years. He has assisted clients in a wide range of industries but concentrates on three areas:
  • Private equity firms (ranging from early-stage venture capital firms to large LBO firms) and their portfolio companies
  • Technology and life sciences companies
  • Management consulting firms, and clients wishing to hire current or former consultants for operating, strategic planning, business development, and other roles
Simon Haworth
Dr. Simon Haworth (BSc PhD) manages BSG Team Ventures’ European operation as well as our Healthcare & Life Sciences practice. He now divides his time between Boston, MA and Cambridge, UK, running mandates based in both Europe and the US.
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