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    BSG Predicts | Increased Velocity of Executive Movement

    FACT: Executives can now move everywhere because they don't have to move anywhere. But what does that mean ...
    by BSG
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    BSG Predicts | Embracing Virtual and Distributed Teams

    One of the chief takeaways from 2021? The overall acceptance of virtual and distributed teams. But what does ...
    by BSG
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    BSG Predicts | The Thirst for Talent in 2022

    Is your talent strategy prepared for the challenges and costs of unwanted executive attrition? The thirst for ...
    by BSG
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    BSG | 2021 Reflections & 2022 Predictions for Talent

    Clark Waterfall reflects on the lessons learned in 2021 and shares his predictions for what to expect in the ...
    by BSG
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    Look Back: The 6 Stages of Crisis Leadership | BSG Videocast

    As we continue to advance through the pandemic and into new frontiers of pandemic and post-pandemic ...
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    public health versus the economy

    Public Health vs. the Economy During a Pandemic | BSG Videocast

    Dr. Allen Sinai explains the trade-off between public health and the economy during the coronavirus pandemic, ...
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    coronavirus economy inflation numbers

    Inflation Forecast in the Wake of COVID-19 | BSG Videocast

    Global economist Dr. Allen Sinai shares his outlook for the U.S. economy's inflation figures in the wake of ...
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    economic rebound post coronavirus and lasting effects

    Post-Coronavirus Economic Rebound & Lasting Effects | BSG Videocast

    Global economist Dr. Allen Sinai shares his predictions for the economic rebound post-COVID, and addresses ...
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    Forecast: GDP Decline in Coronavirus Recession | BSG Videocast

    Global economist Dr. Allen Sinai shares his predictions for the initial decline in U.S. GDP due to the ...
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