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    BSG 2022 | A Year In Review

    Join BSG Managing Principal Clark Waterfall as he narrates BSG's journey through 2022 and what to expect as we head into 2023:

    BSG 2022 | A Year In Review—Video Transcript:

    At the beginning of this year, we underscored
    the importance of several emerging trends.
    Number one, sort of increasing thirst for executive talent within business.
    Embracing distributed teams is the critical new normal,
    increased velocity of executive job change,
    and increased pressure on executive compensation.
    And then we put to work the tools and offerings
    we built over the last twenty-five years,
    starting at the core of our offerings in the green center focused on
    retained executive talent acquisition delivered by our original brand, BSG,
    supplemented by our companion sister energy to BSG called Talent Sequencing,
    adding the yellow and gold offerings that often come before any new talent is added or upgraded.
    That of organizational design
    and executive assessment as well
    as the blue colored service that start with individual executive coaching
    and expand to include coaching of entire senior leadership teams.
    In 2022, we reinforced the green talent acquisition set of
    offerings to include interim executive services via
    iExec as well as expanding our existing middle management recruiting service TalentBench.
    And finally, completed the Talent Optimization Circle by adding two critical new service offerings
    for our clients that we dubbed.
    #1, Programmatic Leadership Learning to bring core leadership curriculum,
    training, and education to help further develop the leadership skills of the existing
    and next generation of leaders within our clients.
    And number two, peer-to-peer leadership learning via CEO groups we call CEO huddles.
    All throughout the year, we tried to author, curate,
    and share key learnings and takeaways to help our client ecosystem
    be as educated and informed as possible on important talent-related topics.
    Our search and talent optimization work was deployed directly
    within our growth equity clients on the fund side,
    as well as within their portfolio of invested companies.
    And even select innovation-focused public companies both small
    and large that engage us to assess their teams,
    find their next builder leaders,
    and then coach them to higher performance both as individual executives and as leadership teams.
    We just wanted to thank you
    for sharing in our success and best wishes to the success of our clients in 2023.

    -by BSG on Dec 28, 2022 2:31:37 PM


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