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    BSG Completes Executive Search—COO, LotLinx

    October 2021: BSG Completes Another Successful Executive Search—COO, LotLinx

    adrian-d-souzaBSG proudly announces a recently completed executive placement. Adrian D’Souza accepted the position as the Chief Operating Officer search for LotLinx.

    Adrian D’Souza joins LotLinx from Integral Ad Science, a global leader in digital media, where he served as Chief Customer Officer. He joined IAS from Intersection Co. where he served as SVP of Sales Strategy and Operations, overseeing all aspects of building customer success teams and a successful sales strategy. Before Intersection, Adrian was VP of Global Operations at Quantcast where he drove Customer Success and Commercial Operations globally. He also spent over six years at Google as Director of Media Services, where he was responsible for end to end campaign execution and service on YouTube and the Google Display Network.

    Adrian served as co-chair of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Ad Operations Council from 2006 to 2012, where he focused on making it easier for traditional advertisers to reach an online audience and streamlining the supply chain for digital media. He holds an MBA from Virginia Tech and an engineering degree from the University of Poona, India.

    LotLinx’s press announcement naming Adrian as its COO can be found by clicking here.

    About LotLinx:

    LotLinx is an automotive inventory marketing technology company that helps dealers sell cars smarter by aligning marketing strategies to sales objectives with unparalleled efficiency and precision.

    Back in 2010, Lotlinx founders Len Short, Robert Vucic, and Jason Knight understood there were too many layers wedged between a dealer and a shopper. They saw a gap in the industry; no technology or platform existed to identify and solve a dealer’s specific needs – and they believed in the importance of landing car shoppers to a dealer's Vehicle Detail Page (VDP). So, they began their journey of developing the business they knew dealers needed.

    With the idea that dealers would welcome the ability to cut out the middlemen and connect directly with people who were looking to purchase the cars they had on their lot, they created Chug.net. It was a Vehicle Display Network that enabled shoppers to easily search dealer inventory. But they realized the automotive world didn’t need another portal site. So, they set out to do something that hadn’t been done before – bring car dealers wanting to sell directly to the people who were looking to buy them, unrestricted by channel.

    Since its founding in 2012, LotLinx has grown quickly and consistently. As early adopters quickly began to see results, word spread. Just one year since its official inception, there were over 100 dealers actively using LotLinx to target VIN-specific car buyers and move their inventory faster. Today, LotLinx has grown to be thousands of dealers strong, including hundreds of rooftops under the Nation’s Top 100 Auto Groups. They also partner with OEMs directly, are approved for co-op programs, and work with a wide network of resellers.

    LotLinx was – and still is – the only platform that begins with determining a dealer’s inventory needs and uses cutting-edge technology and machine learning to put specific cars in front of specific buyers – all the while making it easy to access meaningful data on ROI. All for a simple cost per unique shopper, with completely transparent pricing.

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    -by Clark Waterfall on Dec 2, 2021 11:27:00 AM


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