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Years In Business
BSG has placed top candidates since 1997
Hire External
90.2% of searches result in an external hire
24 years is the average executive search experience in our team. We count 173 years all together
3 in 4
CEOs Still Leading
Of all CEO searches BSG has done within the last 5 years, 3 out of 4 CEOs continue to lead their organizations to new growth milestones
We are driven by a passion to improve the entire search process for PE-backed middle market companies.

Meet BSG

We at BSG believe that great businesses are run on people. Talent is the lifeblood of business. And almost all of our clients have a business context that requires what we call the “builder-leader” profile.

We do business. We KNOW business, not just headhunting. We believe that to do really effective search you need to get business and headhunting. This isn’t just generic business that many search industry generalists espouse. Rather, it’s industry specific knowledge—of vertical industry sectors like SaaS software, the for-profit education industry sector, healthcare technology, business process-outsourcing sector, and the manufacturing and retail sectors. These are just some of the industry verticals in which we claim deep contextual business knowledge.

We do relationships. Rather than one search wonders that feel more like one night stands, we want to be your trusted talent adviser and not an occasional supplier. And through these relationships we build a deep understanding of what success looks like in your business, and which candidates both will and will not be accretive to your business and its goals.

Private Equity

Two out of three searches on which BSG has been retained have been for leaders for private equity-backed businesses.
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Private equity and growth equity have invested in the services sector with great success
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Special areas of BSG deep expertise chronicle many of the recent areas of innovation in both hardware, software and Internet sectors.
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A track record that includes more than 300 senior-level searches for companies big and small, public and private, for–profit and not–for–profit, at the VP level and above.
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Board of Directors

Along with C–level and VP-level focus, BSG Team Ventures includes in its practice area specialties its board search practice.
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Manufacturing & Consumer

Our manufacturing and consumer practice spans highly innovative offerings such as semiconductor laser offerings and specialized automotive materials through to traditional industries such as packaging and building products.
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One of the larger new practice areas for BSG in the last 7 years has been Energy, and specifically its related CleanTech subsectors.
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Healthcare Services, IT & Sciences

Our sciences practice areas span health services, life sciences, healthcare IT, nanotechnology, medical devices and equipment and beyond.
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Venture Capital

Our VC executive searches span pre-seed, Series A, B and C companies across the US and UK.
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What Clients Are Saying

Alex Erhart Partner, Trinity Capital Investments
“BSG filled the CEO position with an excellent candidate in an extremely short time period, and more important, this candidate turned out to be a world class CEO with extreme market knowledge and experience that was unique to our company."
Art Papas CEO, Bullhorn
“BSG spends much more time with candidates upfront and provides a much more detailed overview of a candidate's career, strengths, weaknesses, etc. This is a huge load off of me and my time.  Also, the sell-side video increases the “sell-through” of more candidates into the process, into consideration, into being interested.  Candidates reference this all the time when interviewing with me as big driver for them to consider our company.”
Scott Griffith CEO, Zipcar
"This is another confirmation that you really have your client's interests at heart. If I haven't said it lately, I'm a fan of yours - you've done really well for us."
Paul Schroeder CEO, ILSC
"The tools that BSG used helped them understand our culture.  No other search firms we talked to used them.  Also, BSG has a unique process that allowed us to get to know the candidates more quickly, a very efficient way to do so. BSG was very professional, we felt we were in good hands. They sourced a lot of good candidates relatively quickly."
Jeffrey R. Seul Partner, Holland & Knight LLP
“BSG gets the job done quickly and well every time.  Whatever other recruiters may claim about their proprietary methods, most just seem to throw spaghetti (candidate CVs) at a client to see if anything sticks.  BSG has developed a disciplined, analytical process for clarifying client needs, identifying and pre-qualifying candidates, getting candidates informed and genuinely interested in the opportunity, and efficiently moving the right deal to closure.  The result is a process that's smooth, predictable and swift for the client and candidates, and a new hire who is the right person in the right role, and so likely to succeed.” 
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