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    BSG completes executive search—CFO, SJV Data Solutions

    March 2022: BSG Completes Another Successful Executive Search—SJV Data Solutions, CFO

    Biff JenningsBSG proudly announces a recently completed executive placement.  Biff Jennings formally accepted the position as the Chief Financial Officer at SJV Data Solutions (https://www.informdata.com).

    Biff Jennings joins SJV Data Solutions (https://www.informdata.com) as an experienced CFO in the public and private markets. He has extensive experience with Private Equity backed organizations. He has managed numerous turn arounds and mergers & acquisitions on both the buy and sell sides. His 20+ years of executive leadership experience have allowed him to hone his skills in FP&A, fundraising, management of all financial functions as well as HR, IT and oversight of ERP system implementations and various upgrades.

    Biff was most recently Chief Financial Officer of Sequential Technology International (STI), a Private Equity-Backed provider of consulting services for B2C, B2B, Retail, eCommerce and other business models, on a global scale. Biff completed his undergraduate degree at Princeton University, holds a MS in Accounting from NYU and has a CPA.

    About SJV Data Solutions (https://www.informdata.com):

    SJV Data Solutions is the most trusted name in people-data, powering employment and tenant screening companies with the industry’s most innovative and comprehensive data platform allowing SJV Data Solutions customers to empower their customers with the clean, reliable and actionable intelligence they need to make informed decisions.

    SJV Data Solutions provides applicant credit reports and employment screening services. They are a provider of people data to the background screening industry. SJV is the only complete data solution for primary source needs in a highly fragmented market. While there are hundreds of smaller point-to-point solution providers in the supply chain, there are few primary competitors on a national scale. SJV Data Solutions is a tech enabled business that provides a platform that is fully extensible and built to provide a seamless client experience.

    For assistance with your next executive search, in the People Data sector or across our array of practice area specialties, contact us today.

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