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    BSG Completes Executive Search—CFO, Energy Materials Corporation

    June 2022: BSG Completes Another Successful Executive Search—Energy Materials Corporation, Chief Financial Officer

    Jim BeltisBSG proudly announces a recently completed executive placement.  Jim Beltis formally accepted the position as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Energy Materials Corporation (EMC).

    Jim Beltis joins Energy Materials Corporation (EMC) as a seasoned CFO with investment banking experience from JP Morgan. He was the Acquisitions and Finance Lead on their Private Equity Team investing a billion+ dollars of JPMorgan / Bear Stearns capital through large-scale energy infrastructure and commodity acquisitions. He brings experience in both public and private markets, a track record of successful $100M+ multi-round fundraising deals, extensive experience in FP&A and Mergers & Acquisitions. Jim has experience in management of all functions within the Finance department, as well as managing teams such as HR, Legal and Facilities. His 25+ years of financial experience have allowed him to hone his skills in business development, IPO underwriting and project and facilities management within the renewable energy space and the medical device industry.

    Jim was most recently CFO and VP of Business Development of Case Medical, a proven leader in product development and manufacturing of medical devices for sterile processing and infection prevention. Jim holds a BS from Boston College and an MBA from University of Michigan.

    About Energy Materials Corporation

    Energy Materials Corporation (EMC) develops high-speed, roll-to-roll printing of purebred perovskite solar panels.

    EMC’s high-speed manufacturing model is a unique fusion of existing and proven high speed Roll-to-Roll printing lines at Kodak, ultra-lightweight and flexible Willow® Glass from Corning®, and perovskite solar cell technology specifically designed by partners for the Roll-to-Roll printing environment.

    EMC’s use of mature pilot line facilities allows for process scale-up without the capital cost and build time normally associated with scale-up efforts. This a significant advantage compared to traditional semiconductor-based solar photovoltaic manufacturing as EMC’s production.

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