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    Dan Squires, PhD

    Dan Squires, PhD
    Dan has over 15 years’ experience working with business leaders. He has worked with diverse organizations operating in demanding, dynamic environments, spanning private, public, academic, and government agencies, including in-depth assessment and development of leaders of publicly traded companies. He brings a wealth of assessment and leadership development experience to the BSG team. Prior to joining BSG, Dan was a member of the faculty at Brown University in Providence, RI where he studied and taught organizational change and training process, while directing a large, regional (New England) training grant for over 11 years. He co-founded his own boutique firm, Anderson-Squires, LLC in 2013, and has consulted with LeadPeople, LLC, a Washington DC based leadership development consultancy and Robert Gregory Partners, a division of FranklinCovey. Dan also founded CharacterLogic as a division of Anderson-Squires, which focused on developing assessments to improve personal and professional development. At BSG, Dan leverages his expertise in assessment and coaching to create cutting-edge tools, products and services to help clients maximize both efficiency and effectiveness before, during and following the search process. He is a passionate trainer and advocate for client knowledge and empowerment, and is always looking for new and creative ways to leverage technology. Above all, Dan is a high-touch professional, and dedicated to the success of all BSG team members and clients. Dan earned a BS with honors in psychology, master’s degrees in clinical psychology and public health, and a doctoral degree with distinction in clinical psychology from the University of New Mexico. He received focused pre and postdoctoral training at Brown University, and completed coaching in leadership and healthcare training through Harvard Medical School’s Department of Continuing Education. Dan lives along the south coast of RI with his wife of 20 years and three children. When not entirely consumed by work and family life, Dan enjoys hiking, sailing, and rooting for the home teams.

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