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Ed Tech Week


December 2017

What’s in your calendar this December 18-20, 2017? Edtech founders, investors, and policymakers are gathering for the third annual global innovation education festival and you’re invited!
NY EDTECH WEEK is on a mission to strengthen the army of edtech entrepreneurs solving the world’s biggest education problems. Through a partnership with BSG we’re offering a $299 Innovator Full Access Passes (normally $995).
Redeem this discount using the code EDTECHINNOVATE to reveal the hidden Innovator’s Full Access ticket or use this link to automatically apply the code at purchase.
These tickets are limited so claim your Innovator Full Access Pass today!
Get a preview of NY EDTECH WEEK 2017 with highlights from last year.

2018 economic forecast.jpg


November 2017

bsg dr. sinai 2018 economic forecast


For the last 4 years, we’ve had Dr. Allen Sinai pull together his predictions for the economic year ahead. 2 years ago, Dr. Sinai said “put all your cash into equities, the market is going to go nowhere but up.” Last year, Allen forecast what the likely impact of Trump and Trumponics was going to have in 2017. As PE investors and investor-backed CEOs, it’s crucial to know what the economic weather forecast is going to look like in order to plan your business, and work your plan.

By Invite Only

The Dane Estate at Pine Manor College 
Thursday, November 9, 2017—6:00 PM

PEI Operating Partners Forum: New York 2017

October 2017
Find BSG principals at 2017 Dealfest Northeast, the leading event for PE and IB firms.

DealFest Northeast - The Northeast’s Largest M&A Block Party

June 2017

Find BSG principals at 2017 Dealfest Northeast, the leading event for PE and IB firms.

private equity backed CEO exit strategies

Private Equity Backed CEO Panel

May 2017

Private Equity Backed CEO Panel, May 2017

Each spring of each year, BSG recruits and assembles a panel of private equity-backed CEOs who have successfully exited their businesses in the prior 12 months to share their lessons learned at a private dinner held for private equity-backed CEOs, and their PE investors at the Dane Estate in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.  In this, our third year’s panel, we were proud to bring together the following 4 CEOs with recent liquidity events to come and tell their story, and pass along their pearls of wisdom.
Capital Roundtable Operating Partners Conference

Capital Roundtable Operating Partners Conference

May 2017
We joined experts at the Capital Roundtable Operating Partners Conference and put together these top takeaways for you.

ASU + GSV Summit

May 2017

ASU + GSV Summit, May 2017

April Sarraille, Alison Thompson, Todd Hand, and Monique Williams all attended the ASU+GSV summit in May, 2017.


GSV is a family of connected businesses focused on three complementary disciplines: Investments, Strategic Services, and Media. They’re united by an obsession with finding, investing in, and partnering with the most dynamic growth companies in the world...the ones they call the Stars of Tomorrow. Learn more about GSV's Learning and Talent franchise at the ASU + GSV Summit.

Pre-Event Cocktail Party: Capital Roundtable’s Masterclass

May 2017
BSG invited attendees of Capital Roundtable’s Masterclass: Best Practices for Creating Value in PE Portfolio Companies to join us for an evening of cocktails and conversation.

"Expanding the Role of Women in Private Equity" - First Women’s Event at InterGrowth 2017

April 2017
BSG Principal Susan Hawkins joins industry experts on the first women's panel at InterGrowth 2017.

2017 GSV Capital Investor Day

June 2017


2017 GSV Capital Investor Day, June 2017

Todd Hand joined GSV Capital for its annual Investor Day on Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 along with an array of investors and CEOs of select GSV portfolio companies.


GSV Capital (NASDAQ: GSVC) offers the first publicly traded security enabling any investor to own a piece of the world’s most dynamic, VC-backed private companies.

BMO 17th Annual Back to School Education Conference

September 2017


17th Annual Back to School Education Conference, Sept 2017

Todd Hand and April Sarraille will join BMO Capital Markets at their 17th Annual Back to School Education Conference on September 14, 2017.

ABOUT BMO Capital Markets Conferences

BMO Capital Markets hosts a variety of conferences each year that bring together institutional investors with those corporate or government entities that require capital. These events range from large forums attended by hundreds of participants across industry sectors, to industry-specific sessions and one-on-one meetings between investors and corporate executives. Over the years, we have consistently attracted prominent investors, analysts and executives by providing valuable forums to explore strategies, trends and opportunities.

Emerging Manager Connect East 2017

July 2017


Emerging Manager Connect East 2017, July 2017

Susan Hawkins joins industry experts as a panelist discussing retaining existing female talent in PE.

ABOUT Emerging Manager Connect East 2017

With over 300 attendees at our last event, we hosted a record 450 private 20-minute meetings as part of our ExecConnect meetings program in just one day. Attendees are skillfully paired up by conference producers allowing them to meet in one place before deciding to take on longer, more intense meetings if it is a good fit instead of wasting valuable time and money traveling from city to city meetings these professionals. Emerging Manager Connect East will also bring you top industry speakers and expertise backed by our Buyouts Insider and VCJ editorial team.