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    [Closed Search] UK Managing Director for "on-site utility" for the Commercial Customer

    Efficiency gains with on-site co-generation

    BSG Team Ventures has been retained to recruit the UK Managing Director and Advisory Board Directors  for a new British energy generation business that targets the commercial customer with a unique onsite co-generation solution that reduces their cost of heat and power while at the same time requiring no up front capital expenditure nor addition of employee overhead.

    You can think of it as an "On-Site Utility" offering clean electricity, heat, hot water and cooling to hotel, healthcare, and multifamily housing properties in the United Kingdom. The company sells the energy produced on-site as an alternative to the outright sale of energy equipment; designing, installing, owning, operating and maintaining the complete CHP system. Customers pay only for the energy they need and use, at a rate guaranteed to be below their local utility rates, via a prenegotiated power purchase agreement.

    Reporting directly to the President of the parent company, the UK Managing Director is responsible for all activities of the subsidiary.

    Essential Job Functions/Responsibilities

    • Divisional P&L
    • Multi-functional team-building
    • Strategy (sales, marketing, operations)
    • Sales leadership and sales pipeline management
    • Developing and managing detailed budgeting & forecasting
    • Developing sales and distribution plan
    • Developing partnerships in both upstream indirect sales channel development, and downstream servicing and maintenance functions
    • Investor presentations for follow-on company fundraising

    Below is a Venn diagram of the success attributes for the Managing Director position--

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