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    Top 10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing An Executive Search Firm

    Clark dives into the interview questions you should ask before you decide which executive search firm to hire for your new search...

    1. How many searches and how recently have you done one just like this one? (COUNTERINTUITIVE--recent searches in the same area may put too many candidates off limits)
    2. How many targets were approached? How many were in the database before the search began?
    3. How many candidates did the search firm interview either in person or via video conference (i.e., more than just a phone call)?
    4. How many did the search firm present as “qualified and endorsed for client interview”?
    5. How many candidates were interviewed by client?
    6. How many references were done? And WITH WHOM?
    7. How many average calendar days to accepted offer?
    8. How many calendar days before first candidate interviewed by client and 3 or more candidates interviewed?
    9. When does the search firm believe their process is complete?
    10. How does the search firm learn about who you the client are and—other than specific skills required to perform the role—how does the search firm measure fit & compatibility of the candidate profile to the company’s environment?
    -by Clark Waterfall on May 4, 2021 7:55:26 AM


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