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    The Uncomfortable Truth About Evil Bosses

    Links to Leadership

    Many of us have a “big evil boss” tale that makes for good water cooler gossip. But maybe it’s time to stop pointing fingers at the boss. Author Liz Ryan, who has several years’ experience as a Fortune 500 HR SVP, suggests that self-refection—and initiative—is the path to success. READ MORE »


    BSG Team Ventures is dedicated to thought leadership on topics of interest and relevance to executives who are building their companies, and the investors who invest in them. We call these executives Builder Leaders - and this is the talent in which we specialize on behalf of our clients.

    There is a tremendous amount of research being published on leadership, and our goal is to curate that material and share it within our community. Feel free to forward this to other leadership peers, executives in portfolio companies, or investors who may have interest in staying current on the latest thinking in these areas.

    Links To Leadership July 2017 Issue 

    -by Clark Waterfall on Aug 16, 2016 7:22:07 AM


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