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    Retainer vs Contingency Executive Search Firms: Who Defines Position?

    Today we're exploring the first strategic difference between a retained executive search firm and a contingency-based executive search firm. Join Clark Waterfall as he explains who "owns" the responsibility of defining the position based on which firm you choose.


    Facilitation and co-ownership of a robust and accurate position description and that position description, includes competencies, determination, organizational design, and validation, etc. Contingency recruiters expect the company to determine what they need, right? The job description and deliver that plan to the recruiter. Using home building as a metaphor, think of a contingency recruiter, as a builder, and you, who is the architect. With a retained search firm they function more as architect and master builder combined, and you are the designer / visionary for the building. With the architect stress testing the vision and reality checking the feasibility as a catalyst to ensure that the vision is going to solve the problem or need for which it is intended.

    -by Clark Waterfall on May 20, 2021 1:11:26 PM


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