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    Metrics of a Successful Executive Hire

    One of the big questions clients, executive search firms, and even executive candidates often try to answer is, "Was the executive I hired a successful hire?"

    Metrics might include:

    •     Are they still in the seat 6, 12, 18, 24 months in?

    •      Or, have they been promoted within X months to a position of greater responsibility?

    •     Or, would it be better to measure them against other metrics more specific to the role for which they were               hired, like an executive's MBOs (management by objectives list) or how much of their bonus potential they               earned in the first year.

    In the book,  The Wisdom of Crowds, the assertion is made that if you get 100 or more individuals knowledgeable about a certain area to weigh in, there is predictive intelligence created.  The poll below aims to achieve that, and share it back as "leadership catalysts" in our role as retained executive search practitioners.

    Please pick 3 from the below that are the most important to you as leader in your organization.  Perhaps picking the #1 or #2 appears self evident, but the #3 might be a bit more interesting to figure out and share with others.

    [polldaddy poll="1668579"]


    -by Clark Waterfall on Jun 2, 2009 4:04:45 PM


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