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    Managing your Board of Directors as a CEO of a Venture-backed Company

    Several times a year, we get a group of venture-backed CEOs-only together to share experiences over cocktails, dinner, and a topic that they often pick. Our role at BSG Team Ventures is to host it and recruit the best panelists possible. This Fall's topic was Managing the Board - Best Practices in Board Management through Turbulent Times. We assembled a panel and facilitated an interactive discussion with three veteran venture-backed CEOs-

    Scott Griffith, CEO of Zipcar 

    Scott has been CEO of Zipcar from it's angel funding stage more than 4 years ago to today, growing the company through several rounds of venture funding including investors Benchmark and Greylock and a recent merger with FlexCar that broadens Zipcar's offering to more than 10 cities, both here in the US as well as the UK.

    Jill Smith, CEO of DigitalGlobe 

    Jill has been CEO of several companies, including venture-backed eDial ultimately sold to Alcatel, and COO of Micron Electronics, a $1.5B PC manufacturer. All of this ultimately led her to take the CEO role at DigitalGlobe 3+ years ago, an imagery company providing both satellite and aerial imagery for the likes of products like GoogleEarth, the U.S. Government and other mobile, commercial, location-based services companies, and nations around the world interested in geospatial information management.

    Jim Mahoney, CEO of Novomer 

    Jim early in his career was an executive at Baxter, then moved into several general management & CEO roles in biotech including CEO of SurfaceLogix. Recently Jim has taken the helm as CEO of a cleantech-renewables industry start-up targeting green chemistry funded by Flagship Ventures and several others.

    In recruiting these three to the panel, we were looking to find three veteran CEOs who had been in both public and private company settings, had assembled experience in CEO positions across the growth stage spectrum of technology and science-driven companies from seed-stage funding through S1/IPO. Also, we wanted to assemble CEO panelists who had been in the CEO chair a number of times, and thus had experience with a number of boards-boards with founders on them, venture capitalists and other investors on them, as well as outside and strategic investors.

    The podcast below is the audio from the evening offering some thoughtful input and CEO-to-CEO questions and answers from the audience.

    The audio last a bit more than 70 minutes, and you can graze it by streaming it here, or download for car, train or plane ride listening. Enjoy.

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    -by Clark Waterfall on Jan 20, 2009 2:24:36 PM


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