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    [Closed Search] BSG Team Ventures Biotech Partner


    As you know...

    We're a twenty-year-old boutique retained executive search firm based in Boston, with multiple partners spanning the ecosystem of innovation -- that's technologies ranging from software to semiconductor; medical device & healthcare IT; cleanteach; edtech; fintech; and broad-spectrum private equity- and venture-backed businesses. Although we are binodal, with one foot planted in the Northeast in Boston and New York City and the other foot firm in the West Coast Bay Area, our principals are situated throughout the United States -- as are our clients and engagements.

    Our mission --

    To ring in 2016, we are launching the biotech/life sciences practice for the firm. We have a history of launching and building new practice specialties, from edtech to cleanech; from VC to PE.

    Our objective --

    We're seeking...

    A peer. A colleague. A partner.

    • A person who wants to build a long-term sustainable practice based in the global biotech capital that is Cambridge, MA.
    • A professional who has an intersection of executive search experience and biotech drug discovery industry vertical experience.
    • A search professional who wants to build a practice within a well-respected boutique.
    • Most importantly, someone who wants to benefit from a firm that is big enough to matter but small enough to care.

    What BSG offers --

    • A unique search methodology that increases not only close rate, but stick rate.
    • A set of assessment tools that offer deep insight into the candidate AND client culture and chemistry, such that we can illuminate the invisible spectrum and evaluate potential candidate fit.
    • A set of tools and technologies developed over two decades that no other firm offers, no matter how large or small.
    • A set of strong relationships to nurture and grow VC, PE, and biotech/drug discovery leaders.
    • Most importantly, participation in our firm's culture, which encourages sharing and cross-pollination; experimentation and innovation; continual learning not only within our firm abut also across our industry, peering across both a domestic set of like-minded boutique firms and their owners and an international group of sister boutiques, strategically located worldwide.

    If you are interested in learning (and sharing more), drop us a note! We would enjoy getting to know you, regardless of the ultimate outcome.

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    -by Clark Waterfall on Jan 21, 2016 9:00:19 AM


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