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    [Closed Search] Director of Product Management


    Head of Product Management

    Location:         Mountain View, CA. USA.
    Website:          www.google.com

    Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.
    In September of 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin set up their first workspace in Susan Wojcicki’s garage in Palo Alto, and over the last 10 years Google grew to being one of the world’s best known companies. Susan was employee number 18, and currently is responsible for managing Google’s monetization and measurement platform products including AdWords, AdSense and Google Analytics.

    One of the most visible members of the senior management team is Marissa Mayer. Hired as employee number 20 and the first female engineer after receiving her Masters in Computer Science, Marissa is responsible for the consumer-facing (UI) side of Google, and has been called the Chief Experience Officer.
    The opportunities for Directors of Product Management will report directly into Marissa Mayer or Susan Wojcicki , and will be responsible for working across Google in the innovation, creation, management, release, and lifecycle of new products that extend the improve the quality and measurability of search and advertisement monetization. They will establish short and long term product goals and strategies to build and manage a product roadmap to support Google’s goals and strategies. They will initiate and prioritize projects within engineering; track product development; develop product launch plan, and also engage closely with the engineering team to help determine the best technical implementation methods and reasonable execution schedules.

    Product Management at Google is an engineering and deeply technically focused organization that is full of visionaries and entrepreneurs. They apply their core technical abilities to understand the capabilities and possibilities of computers, and then leverage insight and imagination to create new products that will allow users to gain better, faster, and more accurate access to information. They are fascinated with new products, and obsessed with making the best possible product for the largest possible audience serving the most important needs. They represent the visionary, the communicator, the leader, and the technologist all-in-one. Essentially, the Product Management team ensures that Google has the best worldwide product offerings by analyzing, positioning, packaging, and promoting their solutions
    across a variety of countries and markets where Google does business.

    Areas of core expertise for this PM role:

    • 10+ years of product management experience.
    • Exceptional technical / engineering / computer science credentials.
    • Innovation and visionary product track record.
    • Balance of core technical training with broader business and market experience.
    • Track record of success.
    • Experience managing teams of engineers and product managers.
    • Entrepreneurship, with ability to excel within a larger corporate structure.
    • Be able to excel with a wide variety of other functions, including engineering, finance, marketing, legal, etc. and be the center of that process.

    Characteristics of great Googlers include:

    • Smart
    • Get things done.

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