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    BSG and Katahdin Group to Host Interactive Webinar for PE-backed CEOs on September 14th

    BSG and Katahdin Group are set to host the first interactive webinar for PE-backed CEOs on September 14th. Focusing on the top pressing issues these CEOs face today, from generative AI to the hybrid workforce and recessionary leadership, this exclusive cohort will be led by Katahdin's Gordie Spater and leverage the power of peer group learning to elevate attendees.

    Wondering if this meeting is appropriate for you? Qualified attendees must fit all of the following criteria:

    • currently a full-time sitting CEO
    • company is investor/PE/sponsor-backed
    • company is either EBITDA positive, or “Rule of 40”
    • company revenue/employees size is > $10M/50 employees, <$250M, 750 employees

    In an invitation to CEOs, BSG shared:

    We've long supported the power of peer group learning and now we're inviting up to 8 CEOs to join our upcoming virtual CEO Peer Group Huddle with the Katahdin Group

    Thursday, September 14th at 12pm ET via Zoom

    PARTICIPANTS: Max of 8 (PE-backed CEOs only – waitlist available)

    COST: Complimentary

    FORMAT: Virtual via Zoom


    • CEO Peer Introductions
    • Topic & Peer Group Overview
    • Peer Group Huddle (Discussion)
    • Katahdin CEO Open Mic
    • Q & A


    To request a seat or join waitlist, visit https://www.bostonsearchgroup.com/huddle-registration



    • Q:  What CEOs may benefit the most?
      • A:  First time CEOs, or veteran CEOs who are in their first PE-backed CEO role.
    • Q:  How many CEOs are currently in the Katahdin Group CEO peer network?
      • A:  ~50.
    • Q:  How long has Katahdin been running these CEO peer groups?
      • A:  More than 10 years.
    • Q:  What is the bio for Gordie Spater, Katahdin Group CEO?
      • A:  Gordie was a CEO of a fast growth privately held business and one of the CEO peers in this CEO network.  After successfully exiting the business, he felt so passionate about the value he got, that he took over the CEO peer group and renamed it the Katahdin Group. Gordie lives in Massachusetts with his wife and children, is an avid cyclist, and graduate of Harvard Business School (which we don’t hold against him too often).
    • Q:  How are ours different and better than other CEO peer groups like YPO (Young Presidents Organization) or Vistage? 
      • A:  3 big differences:
    • TRUE peer-CEOs: CEOs will be peering with other PE-backed CEOs.  Not family owned, or bootstrapped, or “divisional presidents” or larger holding companies.  Each CEO is dealing with the same set of macro-KPIs with the same goal in mind—valuation creation leading to a transaction in 3 to 5 years.
    • Sharing methodology: CEOs are using the case study approach to delivering/presenting and getting feedback from their peers. Harvard Business School was an early pioneer in the case study learning approach, and our CEO Collectives take a page from that approach to get the most out of presenting issues within the group.
    • Geographic reach: our CEO Collectives have 6 meetings a year, plus one annual retreat.  2 meetings are in person, and 4 are virtual.  This allows CEOs to participate from a much broader geographic footprint vs. “only if you’re local” participation.  Much higher caliber of peer CEO participants is the result. 

    Origin Story: CEO peer groups

    For more than 10 years, we’ve run what we call “CEO Huddles”—2 hour, in-person meetings bringing together small groups of CEO to share experiences, get peer feedback on problems being faced, and generate collective wisdom for all assembled.  However, what we found was the following:

    • Some CEO participants wanted to go deeper.  And in order to do so, wanted more learning than our 2-hour meeting format could deliver.
    • Some CEOs wanted to participate, but were too far to drive easily, and couldn’t fly in on a committed basis, as all of our CEO Huddles were in the greater Boston/Cambridge area.

    As a result of these issues, we sought and found and established a wonderful partnership with the Katahdin Group (www.katahdingroup.com).  In collaboration with CEO Gordie Spater, we feel we’ve brought together the best of our CEO Huddles, and the Katahdin CEO Collectives. 

    -by BSG on Aug 27, 2023 4:34:00 PM


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