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    Bridging Business and Recreation: BSG's Pickleball Round Robin Event at Deal Max

    Are you ready to merge business networking with a touch of leisurely competition? Then let's delve into what BSG has in store for its upcoming Pickleball Round Robin event, set to take place during Deal Max 2024 at The Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas on Monday, April 29th, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.


    Last year, amidst the whirlwind of the ACG DealMAX 2023 meeting, BSG introduced its inaugural PE/ibanker pickleball round-robin invitational. The event was met with enthusiasm, as participants enjoyed not only the thrill of the game but also the opportunity to foster new connections and burn off a few extra calories in the process.

    This year, BSG is gearing up to deliver an even more memorable experience. So, what can you expect?

    • Attire: While Las Vegas may be known for its anything-goes attitude, we suggest standard athletic attire and sneakers for optimal performance on the court. And don't forget to keep an eye out for our fun awards – creativity is key for the coveted "Best Dressed" title!
    • Equipment: Whether you're a seasoned pickleball pro or trying your hand at the game for the first time, we've got you covered. Paddles will be available on-site for your convenience, ensuring everyone can join in on the fun.
    • Sweat-Equity Level: Pickleball is more than just a game – it's an opportunity to socialize, network, and enjoy some friendly competition. So, while you may not close all your Apple rings in one go, you're sure to have a blast on the court.
    • Rules: New to pickleball? Fear not! This accessible sport is easy to learn, making it perfect for players of all skill levels. Need a refresher? Check out our instructional video for a quick overview of the rules.
    • Demographics: Pickleball is known for its inclusivity, welcoming players of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you're a PE investor, investment banker, or simply looking to connect with like-minded professionals, you'll find a warm welcome on the court.
    • Refreshments: Stay hydrated and fueled for the game ahead with complimentary water, Gatorade, and CLIF Bars. And for those in need of a little extra boost, there's a bar on-site offering additional refreshments.
    • Location: Take advantage of the stunning Las Vegas sunshine as you play on the rooftop deck of The Plaza Hotel – a welcome change of scenery from the typical conference room setting.
    • Prizes/Awards: Get ready for some friendly competition and exciting awards! From "Highest Scoring" to "Best Attitude" and even "Best Elvis," there's something for everyone to aim for as they vie for recognition on the court.
    • Pool Use: After a spirited match, why not take a refreshing dip in the pool? Located conveniently on the same rooftop deck as the courts, it's the perfect way to cool off and unwind.

    In summary, BSG's Pickleball Round Robin event at Deal Max offers a unique opportunity to blend business and recreation in one unforgettable experience. Whether you're looking to strengthen existing connections or forge new ones, we invite you to join us for a morning of camaraderie, competition, and fun.

    Stay tuned for more details as the event draws nearer – we can't wait to see you on the court!

    Interested in joining us? Request an invite via email to Julie Hart at julie@bsgtv.com.

    -by BSG on Mar 8, 2024 10:53:36 AM


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