D.G. McDermott Associates, LLC presents 2018 Middle Market Executive Compensation Survey for Private Companies

Privately held, middle market companies have had no reliable, third-party compensation data available for evaluating executive base salaries, annual bonuses, and long-term incentives - until now.

BSG has the privilege of being a supporting partner to DGM’s first ever executive compensation report for middle market companies in the US.  DGM is a leading boutique executive compensation consulting firm who—over the last 25—years has served the middle market business community.  Several other supporting partners are also involved in this survey, including executive compensation consulting firm The Wilson Group.  The goal of this survey is to generate data and insights for middle market business owners and their executive teams to more intelligently grow their businesses.  Not only is executive compensation data for middle market companies hard to find, but with the increasing state-driven laws restricting employers from asking potential new hires their existing compensation, this data has never been more important to share.  For more on current states that have passed legislation including California, Massachusetts, New York, and 10 other cities & states, see Bloomberg’s latest legislative map,

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The cost for the survey report is US $1,500 per company - a wise investment considering the strategic value of the customized data and insights you will receive.  For value pricing beyond 1 to 4 companies in your portfolio, please contact Julie Hart, Administrative Partner at BSG,

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Included in Your Registration

With results from this confidential survey, you will get the valuable, targeted data and insights you need to reward and retain key leaders while aligning compensation plans with company strategy and performance.

When you participate in the 2018 Middle Market Executive Compensation Survey, you will receive a detailed analysis including:

  • High-level dashboard summary.  An easy-to-read overview that highlights pertinent results and top-line analysis.
  • Detailed real-world comparisons. Your company data will be compared to other respondents by position then by geographic area, revenues, ownership type, and industry category.
  • Data summaries by job title. Data is segmented by 14 senior management job titles so that you can easily compare compensation by position.