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    “BSG filled the CEO position with an excellent candidate in an extremely short time period, and more important, this candidate turned out to be a world class CEO with extreme market knowledge and experience that was unique to our company. “
    Alex Erhart Partner, Trinity Capital Investments
    “BSG spends much more time with candidates upfront and provides a much more detailed overview of a candidate's career, strengths, weaknesses, etc. This is a huge load off of me and my time.  Also, the sell-side video increases the “sell-through” of more candidates into the process, into consideration, into being interested.  Candidates reference this all the time when interviewing with me as big driver for them to consider our company.”
    Art Papas CEO, Bullhorn
    “Other firms rush in; don’t do the deep dive to understand needs that BSG does.  PE firms value their time and BSG understands that.  They do not waste time on people that are not a fit.  BSG use of video is key to the success of the process - this twofold approach is unique to BSG.  Likes that the Fireside Chat is available to candidates but also feels that our candidate videos are a huge plus in screening candidates before actually interviews.  Allows deeper dive with candidates.  BSG’s systematic interview process far exceeds what we have experienced with other search firms.”
    Don Charlton Operating Partner, Argosy Capital

    "We chose BSG because we felt that their approach would be more systematic and more transparent than other Executive Search Firms that we have used. Indeed, the weekly reviews which were always conducted on time and efficiently, the access to their candidate development list, and our ability to preview recorded candidate interviews before meeting with candidates all supported a very effective process.

    Beyond that, BSG's ability to listen to our requirements and their ability to design a search around our specific requirements was the ultimate key to the success of our CEO search. We never felt as if we were receiving a recycled list of "the usual suspects" and we were impressed that they continued to carry out candidate development to the very end even as we began to focus on our finalist. We highly recommend them.”

    David P. Bernstein President & CEO, Trexel
    “BSG gets the job done quickly and well every time.  Whatever other recruiters may claim about their proprietary methods, most just seem to throw spaghetti (candidate CVs) at a client to see if anything sticks.  BSG has developed a disciplined, analytical process for clarifying client needs, identifying and pre-qualifying candidates, getting candidates informed and genuinely interested in the opportunity, and efficiently moving the right deal to closure.  The result is a process that's smooth, predictable and swift for the client and candidates, and a new hire who is the right person in the right role, and so likely to succeed.” 
    Jeffrey R. Seul Partner, Holland & Knight LLP