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Carnegie Learning, Board of Directors
Fusion Education Group, Chief Marketing Officer
Teachstone, Chief Revenue Officer
BrandEd, Chief Financial Officer
MindEdge Learning, SVP University Partnerships

Selected 2017-2019 searches

Camelot Education, CEO
Edmentum, President and CEO
Northeastern early childhood education provider, CEO
Cambridge Education Group, General Manager
AltSchool, Chief Impact Officer
KIPP Texas, Chief Operating Officer; Chief People Officer
KIPP Foundation, Chief of Programs and Impact
Thinkful, Chief Operations Officer
OnCourse Learning, Chief Technology Officer; Chief Marketing Officer
Tiber Health (a University Ventures portfolio company), Chief Product Officer
Elsevier, Head of Adaptive Solutions
Walton Family Foundation, Senior Advisor
HelioCampus, SVP, Market Development
Learning Ally, Senior Vice President Sales
eDynamic Learning, SVP Sales & Marketing
BrandEd, Vice President, Global Information and Technology
Revolution Foods, VP Sales
Catapult Learning, VP Sales
MeTEOR Education, VP Growth Strategies
Sotheby's Institute of Art, Senior Director of Global Admissions and Recruitment
The School of The New York Times, Director, Pre-College Division
Confidential, Board of Directors


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EdWeek Market Brief: K-12 Dealmaking
Amazon Conducts Sting Operation; GlassLab Games Shuts Down; Follett Acquires NextTier...more>>
K-12 Dealmaking: China's TAL Education Makes Acquistion; VIPKid Partners With Scholastic...more>>
EdWeek Market Brief: Artificial Intelligence Is Attracting Investors, Inventors, and Academic Researchers Worldwide
If entrepreneurs and futurists are to be believed, artificial intelligence will have a transformative impact on many aspects of society-with uncertain implications for education...more>>
EdSurge: The Missing Tech Giant in Education Technology
Is Amazon a sleeping giant of edtech? Or one of its biggest, underreported failures?...more>>
Education Week: U.S. Education in 2018 in 10 Charts
Data played an important role in 2018, giving researchers and educators insight into current events ranging from the status of Puerto Rico's schools in the wake of Hurricane Maria to principals' views on technology and social media...more>>
The 74: 11 Charts That Changed the Way We Think About Schools in 2018
Education can look static when viewed from 30,000 feet...more>>
EdSurge: EdSurge's Year in Review: The Top 10 K-12 Stories of 2018
We're getting ready to count down to the new year with a countdown of our own: EdSurge's annual look at the year's top K-12 stories as chosen by your clicks and shares...more>>
eSchool News: 96 edtech predictions for K12 in 2019
We asked 49 edtech executives to look into their crystal balls and share their thoughts about what will happen in 2019. In addition to the usual suspects-more augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) apps-a lot of people believe this will be the year that social emotional learning (SEL) and interoperability become part of the mainstream...more>>
The 74: 18 Key Education Stories to Watch This Year (According to the Experts): Congress, Courts, Choice, Classroom Innovations & More
We've spent the past two months canvassing a wide spectrum of policy experts, advocates, and observers about the year ahead and the key education issues, story lines, and showdowns they see dominating the 2019 conversation surrounding America's schools...more>>
EdDive: 6 K-12 trends to watch in 2019
With the events of the past year as prologue, school climate and culture, new leadership models, and accountability, among others, will dominate the industry in the coming year...more>>
EdWeek Market Brief: The Hottest Stories in the Ed. Market in 2018, and What It Means for the New Year
What EdWeek Market Brief stories drove the conversation within K-12 companies in 2018? Our readers were hungry for details about the cutting-edge ed-tech tools in the K-12 marketplace, the kinds of products that educators are most clamoring for, and business strategy focused on the school sales cycle...more>>
EdSurge: Will 2019 Be the Year of Privacy? Five Things to Look for in Education
Buckle up. That white noise you heard around student data privacy in 2018 is about to be replaced with thunder...more>>
Education Week: 2018 in Research: How Principals Lead, Gates Faltered, and Teens Balk at 'Growth Mindset'
2018 has been a fascinating year in education research...more>>
Chalkbeat: What worked (and didn't) this year: 10 lessons from education research to take into 2019
We've synthesized what we learned from research in 2018, focusing on which policies seemed to work and which didn't...more>>
The 74: How School Policy Changed in 2018: The Year's 7 Biggest Federal Storylines, From Unforgettable Student Advocacy to an Already Forgotten White House Proposal
The second year of the Trump presidency has been one for the history books, particularly in the realm of K-12 education...more>>
EdWeek Market Brief: Top Posts of 2018 Focus on Big Education Companies and Popularity of Digital Tools
We're always interested in what hits the sweet spot with our readers, so we've crunched the numbers to determine which were the most-read blog post on Marketplace K-12...more>>
The 74: Best Education Articles of the Year: Our 18 Most Popular Stories About Students and Schools From 2018
2018 was a year that kept us on our toes. From teacher strikes to student walkouts, Supreme Court stunners, school shootings, and the midterms, it's been a nonstop churn of breaking news...more>>
Edutopia: 2018 Education Research Highlights
Researchers studied students' brains as they learned and took another look at the marshmallow test, learning styles, and growth mindset...more>>
Washington Post: Yes, there are online preschools. And early childhood experts say they stink.
In February 2015 I wrote a post with this headline: "And now, online preschools. Really."...more>>
Omidyar Network: Big Ideas, Little Learners: Early Childhood Trends Report 2019
The future is upon us. As technology and globalization accelerate the pace of change and our level of interdependence, it is difficult to predict what the future of work, future of learning, and future of society will look like...more>>
HBR: Data Was Supposed to Fix the U.S. Education System. Here's Why It Hasn't.
For too long, the American education system failed too many kids, including far too many poor kids and kids of color, without enough public notice or accountability...more>>
NPR: Los Angeles Teachers Strike For Smaller Classes, More Nurses And Librarians
Los Angeles public school teachers went on strike Monday morning, a result of failed negotiations between the teachers union and the school district...more>>
Education Week: Gates Giving Millions to Train Teachers on 'High Quality' Curricula
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation plans to invest in professional development providers who will train teachers on "high quality" curricula, the philanthropy announced this afternoon...more>>
EdTech: K-12 E-Rate Requests Slow Even As Money Is Available
While E-rate offers $3.9 billion annually for internet connectivity, Wi-Fi equipment and related tech, funding requests have steadily dropped for three years - from $3.6 billion in 2016 to $2.8 billion in 2018, according to Funds for Learning...more>>
CoSN: The CoSN 2018-2019 Infrastructure Survey
CoSN is pleased to release the sixth annual Infrastructure Survey in partnership with AASA, The School Superintendents Association, MDR, and Forecast5 Analytics to assess the current state of broadband and technology infrastructure in U.S. school systems...more>>
EdSurge: Which Apps Are Safe for Kids? Three Tools That Read the Fine Print for You
Some apps do more harm than good. And "free" apps often come with hidden costs. These tenets hold as true for education apps as they do for those in the consumer market, privacy experts contend...more>>
Nielsen Norman Group: Children's UX: Usability Issues in Designing for Young People
New research with users aged 3-12 shows that children have gained substantial proficiency in using websites and apps since our last studies, though many designs are still not optimized for younger users...more>>
THE Journal: A Personalized Learning Backlash
Four-plus years after it was first published, a report on personalized instruction is getting renewed attention as schools in the northeast consider calling their experiments in the instructional model a failure...more>>
Hack Education: The Business of 'Ed-Tech Trends'
When I first started working as a tech reporter, I assumed - naively - that venture capitalists were smart people who did thorough research before funding a company...more>>
Getting Smart: There's a Reason Why Teachers Don't Use the Software Provided by Their Districts
Earlier this month, education news outlets buzzed with a frustrating, yet unsurprising, headline: Most educational software licenses go unused in K-12 districts...more>>
EdWeek Market Brief: It's Been a Good Year for K-12 Budgets: 38 States Have Boosted Spending
The vast majority of states are spending more on K-12 education this academic year, as a strong economy and rising tax revenues give governors and lawmakers more breathing room than they had during the dire years of the Great Recession...more>>
THE Journal: Gleaning New Insights into How People Learn
When the National Academies issued its first expanded "How People Learn" report, the contents struck a nerve, providing a readable explanation of the various research findings on the science of learning along with guidance on how to turn those insights into instructional practice in the classroom. A new version of that report offers an updated view on the topic and pushes beyond K-12...more>>
NYT: Kids Shouldn't Have to Sacrifice Privacy for Education
Our laws offer students very little protection against the wiles of the technology industry...more>>
Hechinger: Study explores use of digital tools in out-of-school programs
Chicago programs seem to be giving students active learning opportunities, but mostly teaching introductory skills...more>>
Education Week: Too Much Screen Time May Affect Children's Brain Development, Early Findings Show
Children who use smartphones, tablets, and video games more than seven hours a day are more likely to experience premature thinning of the cortex, the outermost layer of the brain that processes thought and action, according to a new study released by the National Institutes of Health...more>>
EdWeek Market Brief: Brazil's Private Education Market Poised to Take Leap and Attract Investors, Says Report
Latin America's most populous country is increasingly hungry for private school education...more>>
EdWeek Market Brief: Assessment Company ACT, Touting Broader Mission, Acquires Knovation
The longtime assessment organization ACT has made another business deal in its latest effort to broaden its focus from testing to becoming a provider of "learning, measurement, and navigation" services...more>>
NYT: When Report Cards Go Out on Fridays, Child Abuse Increases on Saturdays, Study Finds
Report card day can provoke anxiety and dread among students. It may also lead some of them to fear for their physical well-being...more>>
EdSurge: GlassLab Set Out to Prove Games Could Assess Learning. Now It's Shutting Down.
Since the days of "Oregon Trail," educational games have teased at the possibility that learning in school can be freed from the doldrum of textbooks and tests...more>>
EdSurge: Is Assessment Ready to Move Beyond Standardized Tests? These MIT Researchers Think So.
In recent years, educators have spent countless collective hours designing, experimenting with and implementing new kinds of learning experiences for students-learning experiences that are fun, engaging and formative. But assessments haven't evolved at the same pace...more>>
NCES/AIR: Trends in High School Dropout and Completion Rates in the United States: 2018
This report provides the most recent year of data available for each dropout and completion rate, summarizes long-term trends, and examines the characteristics of high school dropouts and completers...more>>
Hechinger: The 'dirty secret' about educational innovation
A 2018 federal report found that only 18 percent of the innovations funded by the Education Department lifted student achievement...more>>
The Atlantic: How to Turn Schools Into Happier Places
A strong student-teacher relationship can help put a dent in school suspensions, according to a new study...more>>
NPR: Sleepless No More In Seattle - Later School Start Time Pays Off For Teens
Many American teenagers try to put in a full day of school, homework, after-school activities, sports and college prep on too little sleep...more>>
Education Week: Seven Big Takeaways From Trump Commission's School Safety Report
After months of meetings, the Federal School Safety Commission chaired by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has finally made its recommendations on how to combat future school shootings, in the wake of the February massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla...more>>
Los Angeles Times: Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom will propose almost $2 billion for early childhood programs
Seeking to frame his new administration as one with a firm focus on closing the gap between children from affluent and poor families, Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom will propose spending some $1.8 billion on an array of programs designed to boost California's enrollment in early education and child-care programs...more>>
WSJ: Teachers Quit Jobs at Highest Rate on Record
Small raises, budget frustration and opportunities elsewhere persuade teachers and other public-education workers to move on...more>>
Chalkbeat: Does money matter for schools? Why one researcher says the question is 'essentially settled'
"Throwing money at the problem" has long gotten a bad rap in education...more>>
Education Week: End Head Start, School Lunch Programs to Cut Deficit? Federal Report Probes Options
Capitol Hill's budget arm says that among the many options federal lawmakers have for cutting the budget deficit, they could consider eliminating Head Start and federally supported school meal programs...more>>

Higher Ed

EdSurge: EdSurge HigherEd Year in Review: Our Top Higher Education Stories of 2018
As students and faculty alike take some well-deserved rest and reflect over the holidays, we're taking a look back at what stories you read and shared the most over the last year...more>>
Brookings: Top 6 trends in higher education
Around the world, tuition at universities is rising at a much faster rate than inflation and challenging students' return on investment. Reduced government funding and higher operating costs are driving the need for change at universities...more>>
eCampus News: 41 edtech predictions for higher ed in 2019
We asked 20 edtech executives to look into their crystal balls and share their thoughts about what will happen in 2019...more>>
Encoura: Higher Education Predictions for 2019: Low-Priced Master's, Course Licensing, and CLIMB
Let's start with two things I don't think will happen next year: an enrollment-spurring recession (enrollment-spurring for the adult market particularly-my bet is 2020), and passage of the reauthorized Higher Education Act (unlikely with a divided Congress)...more>>
EdDive: 9 higher ed trends to watch in 2019
The pressures on colleges as 2019 opens are numerous. They include - but are no means limited to - historically low state financing, competition over shrinking pools of potential students, slowed growth in international student enrollment, and a push from nearly all stakeholders for proof of return on their investments, often in the form of workforce-ready graduates...more>>
WSJ: U.S. Grip on the Market for Higher Education Is Slipping
From Germany to China, other nations woo global students, who bring in revenue and talent...more>>
EdSurge: Got Winter Cabin Fever? Sweat It Out At These Higher-Ed Technology Conferences in 2019
We've rounded up some of the most widely-attended edtech conferences in the U.S., from major business events like the ASU GSV Summit, along with smaller, specialty gatherings like the Digital Pedagogy Lab...more>>
NASFAA: A Year in Review: The Biggest Financial Aid News of 2018
Higher education policy saw many changes coming down from Capitol Hill in 2018. Both Republicans and Democrats continued to push their priorities for Higher Education Act (HEA) reauthorization, with two bills competing in the House of Representatives...more>>
EdDive: President Speaks 2018: 5 big issues higher ed leaders faced this year
The column shares commentary from college execs about what's happening on their campuses. Here's what they said...more>>
Inside Higher Ed: Reflecting on 2018, and (Tentatively) Projecting the Future
A new online institution, a transforming textbook market, shifting landscapes for MOOCs and alternative credentials, increasing interest in mobile, and more. Experts make sense of a convoluted year...more>>
EdDive: Our best higher ed stories of 2018
From Title IX to campus tech, these stories share insight on shifts underway at colleges across the country...more>>
Education Next: Online Learning Goes Hollywood
Hollywood is coming to a university near you-as nearby as the closest computer screen. Educators are attempting to harness the power of the industry that commands our attention at the movies (and on our tablets, televisions, and phones) for students in online college classes...more>>
TechCrunch: EdTech Startup EMERITUS Gains $40 Million in Series C Funding
The funding streak for educational startups in Asia continues into 2019 after Emeritus, a U.S-Indian company that partners with universities to offer digital courses, landed a $40 million Series C round led by Sequoia India...more>>
Campus Technology: Partnership Working to Connect Degrees and Certifications
Workcred, a nonprofit organization focused on credentialing in the workforce, is partnering with the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities and the University Professional and Continuing Education Association to help create opportunities for undergraduate students to earn certifications as part of their degree program...more>>
EdSurge: Blockchain Could Rewire Higher Ed. But Should It?
Bitcoin is volatile. Even so, a growing number of colleges are exploring how the technology behind cryptocurrencies could change the way students communicate their academic accomplishments to employers...more>>
TechCrunch: Existential education error: Failing to train students on software
... But the primary reason colleges aren't educating students on the software they need to launch their careers is the notion that it's unnecessary because millennials (and now Gen Zers) are "digital natives."...more>>
Inside Higher Ed: Technology in the Classroom: What the Research Tells Us
Fans and foes of letting students use laptops and phones in class hold fervent views. Jordan Troisi and Aaron Richmond suggest acting based on research instead -- and offer recommendations...more>>
Campus Technology: New Insights into How People Learn
When the National Academies issued its first expanded "How People Learn" report, the contents struck a nerve, providing a readable explanation of the various research findings on the science of learning along with guidance on how to turn those insights into instructional practice in the classroom. A new version of that report offers an updated view on the topic and pushes beyond K-12...more>>
Campus Technology: Digital Dominates in College Libraries
For the second year running, library collections in higher education now contain more digital items than physical...more>>
OneClass: New Study: How does Screen Time Affect Grades
What effects can phone screen time have on students? At first glance, it may seem harmless but when we decided to take a closer look, we found a strong correlation between too much phone time and lower grades...more>>
TechNode: System error: How online learning is failing to fill China's tech-skill gap
Dressed in a casual black bomber jacket with her smartphone in hand, 22-year-old college student Li Manhong seems like a textbook example of a tech-savvy millennial...more>>
EdSurge: In China's Silicon Valley, Edtech Starts at the 'MOOC Times Building'
The Chinese government is pushing online education these days, and like so many things in this country of 1.4 billion people, that means going big...more>>
EdSurge: What's an HBX Again? Nevermind. Harvard Business School Rebrands Its Online Offerings
Harvard University's famed business school has an announcement to make: Forget HBX...more>>
New York Times Magazine: One of America's Most Vital Exports, Education, Never Goes Abroad, but It Still Faces Threats
It's no mere coincidence that Jeffrey R. Brown, the dean of the Gies College of Business, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is also a scholar of risk management...more>>
The Atlantic: The Liberal Arts May Not Survive the 21st Century
Wisconsin built a public higher-education system that was admired around the world. But it may not withstand a tech-hungry economy...more>>
Forbes: Will Half Of All Colleges Really Close In The Next Decade?
Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen consistently turns heads in higher education by predicting that 50% of colleges and universities will close or go bankrupt in the next decade...more>>
Campus Technology: Deal with Independent Colleges Expands Online Course Sharing Options
The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) and College Consortium recently hammered out an online course-sharing initiative...more>>
WSJ: Harvard Quietly Amasses California Vineyards-and the Water Underneath
Making a bet on climate change, the university's $39 billion endowment has been snapping up farmland and the related water rights...more>>
Campus Technology: Online Course Enrollment Grows in Face of Shrinking College Enrollment
The share of college students taking online courses has grown, up by about 6 percent, even as the overall number of people enrolled in higher education institutions dropped by about half a percent...more>>
EdSurge: Article in Journal 'Science' Argues MOOC Participation is Declining as Providers Pivot
What lessons can be learned from the rise and pivot of MOOCs, those large-scale online courses that proponents said would disrupt higher education?...more>>
EdSurge: Year of MOOC-based Degrees: A Review of MOOC Stats and Trends in 2018
In the seven years since colleges and companies first started experimenting with large-scale online courses known as MOOCs, more than 100 million people have given them a try-though how they are used keeps changing...more>>
Inside Higher Ed: EdX's Struggle for Sustainability
It's no secret that the nonprofit online learning provider edX was founded with rather idealistic notions about providing education to all, and not much of a business plan. On Monday, it unveiled the latest steps in its needle-threading effort to keep its courses widely accessible while also becoming self-sustaining...more>>
University World News: EdX eyes bigger role in disrupting campus education
The global online learning platform edX, set up by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University, is preparing a further disruption of traditional higher education models, with new micro-degrees and 'stacked' degrees made up of credits from a range of institutions, according to Anant Agarwal, founder and CEO of edX...more>>
Class Central: By The Numbers: MOOCs in 2018
Now in its seventh year, the modern MOOC movement crossed 100 million learners to a total of 101 million. At the same time, we are seeing a decrease in the number of new learners signing up...more>>
EdDive: For-profit trade group urges Democrats to ease takeovers of troubled colleges
The primary industry group representing for-profit colleges, Career Education Colleges and Universities (CECU), last week sent a letter to key Democratic leaders that asks for help making it easier for third parties to take over failing institutions and allow financially struggling colleges to retain access to student aid...more>>
EdDive: What's next for higher ed's for-profit colleges?
More M&A and nonprofit conversions are expected as the troubled sector stares down political uncertainty in 2020 and beyond...more>>
EdSurge: Grand Canyon Education Acquires Healthcare Education Services Provider for $362M
Grand Canyon Education, a publicly-traded company that previously owned Grand Canyon University, has acquired Orbis Education Services, which partners with universities trying to expand their healthcare education programs...more>>
WSJ: Career Education Corp. Forgives $493.7 Million in Student Debt
Debt relief for 179,000 students is part of settlement agreement closing out five-year investigation by 49 attorneys general...more>>
NPR: Defeated In Court, Education Dept. To Cancel $150 Million Of Student Loan Debt
The U.S. Department of Education is sending emails to about 15,000 people across the country telling them: You've got money...more>>
NASFAA: Democratic Senators Push DeVos to Rescind Reinstatement of ACICS After Uncovering "Misleading" Information
A group of democratic senators wrote to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Tuesday urging her to rescind her decision to reinstate the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) in light of the recent closure of the Education Corporation of America-a chain of for-profit institutions the agency oversaw-and "new evidence that reveals substantial erroneous and misleading information" was included in a report about ACICS that led to its reinstatement...more>>
NYT: No Tuition, but You Pay a Percentage of Your Income (if You Find a Job)
Income Sharing Agreements are gaining the attention of higher education and Wall Street. One early success story is getting a boost from venture capital...more>>
EdDive: 1.8M college students who could get SNAP benefits aren't
Colleges vying to recruit more low-income students need to be aware of unique issues they face, including food insecurity, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office that cites research indicating more than 30% of college students lack adequate access to food...more>>
U.S. News: Why Students Don't Apply for Financial Aid
One quarter of high school students don't complete the FAFSA form, an integral part of accessing higher education...more>>
Bloomberg: U.S. Student Loan Debt Sets Record, Doubling Since Recession
U.S. student loan debt outstanding reached a record $1.465 trillion last month and one particular set of borrowers is having a hard time paying back their loans, according to a Bloomberg analysis of student loan securitization data...more>>
EdSurge: Can Online Learning Help Higher Ed Reverse Its Tuition Spiral?
Classic economic theory predicts that when demand falls, so do prices. But when it comes to the price of college in the past few decades, it's been just the other way around...more>>
Inside Higher Ed: Higher Ed Inflation Notches 2.8 Percent in 2018
Inflation for U.S. colleges and universities tallied 2.8 percent for the fiscal year ending in June 2018, dipping slightly from the previous year but still coming in above a five-year average as institutions faced higher costs on all fronts...more>>
WSJ: Calculating the Risk of College
College pays off for most people and costs have even been flattening. There are, however, often-overlooked pitfalls that can leave some people worse off than if they hadn't gone to college...more>>
Chronicle: The Government Shutdown Is Reaching Historic Territory. Here's What That Means for Higher Ed
The University of Arizona has a grim message for professors on its website: If the partial government shutdown stretches on, the impact on research and science will only grow...more>>
Politico: Congress fumbles new tax on Nick Saban's paycheck
A mistake in Republicans' tax overhaul is allowing many state universities to escape a crackdown on highly paid executives...more>>
EdDive: Negotiators for accreditation rulemaking have deep stakes in online, alternative education
The U.S. Education Department has released the list of industry representatives who are set to participate in the negotiated rulemaking session on college accreditation scheduled to begin later this month...more>>

Et Alia

PR Web: 2018 Global Edtech Investments Surge to Breathtaking $16.3 Billion
According to a New Whitepaper by Metaari, International Investments in Learning Technology Companies in 2018 Blasted Past Previous Records...more>>
EdSurge: EdSurge's First International Education Technology Events Calendar
Twice per year, EdSurge creates a calendar of K-12 and higher education technology events in the U.S. and beyond. Each year, as the list grows, the font gets smaller and smaller-while there are still plenty of events to include...more>>
HRDive: 7 learning trends on the rise in 2019
Experts say learning initiatives will be spurred on by tech, integrate themselves into culture and foster partnerships...more>>
Forbes: Three Education Trends That Will Revolutionize The Workplace In 2019
As we ring in the New Year, it's key to look ahead and think about the ways in which learning will change in 2019, and how those changes will affect the workplace...more>>
Getting Smart: How the Micro-Credential Revolution is Transforming Professional Learning
Today's episode is all about micro-credentials, competency-based education and professional development...more>>
The 74: 6 Education Predictions for the New Split Congress: From School Infrastructure to Student Discipline to 'Groundhog Day' on Higher Ed?
A new Congress will be sworn in Thursday, with dozens of new, more diverse members helping to propel Democrats to control of the House, while in the Senate, Republicans slightly expanded their majority...more>>
eLearning Inside: AI in Education: 2018 in Review
During this past year, artificial intelligence (AI) figured highly into many initiatives, published research, rounds of venture capital funding, and in-classroom instruction...more>>
EdDive: 10 compelling education long reads from 2018
From an inside look at teachers organizing for reform to one man's battle with student debt, we look back at stories that examine the local impact of this year's big stories...more>>
FedScoop: GAO: Agencies aren't tapping venture capital-owned companies for innovation
Though federal agencies are hungry for new technology solutions, a report from the Government Accountability Office says they may be missing out on a key avenue of innovation...more>>
HR Dive: Learning in 2018: The rise of technology and calls for personalization
Which learning predictions for 2018 took off and which fell flat? Niche learning, working with remote teams, upskilling and the rise of VR/AR were expected to dominate the L&D space - and it turns out, those predictions rang true, according to a number of sources...more>>
Knowledge Works: Forecast 5.0 - The Future of Learning: Navigating the Future of Learning
Discover how current trends could impact learning ten years from now and consider ways to shape a future where all students can thrive...more>>
EdSurge: Year in Review: Our Top Edtech Business Stories of 2018
At this time of the year, some businesses are busy filing expenses and reports. Many adults are frantically filling stockings. And we're filing stories that capture the essence of the edtech industry in 2018...more>>
Futurism: New Research: Screen Time Is Literally Changing Children's Brains
In 2018, children are growing up in a world dominated by iPads, iPhones, computer screens, and TVs - and now, new research suggests that it's literally affecting their brain structure...more>>
WSJ: Gig Economy Growth Reconsidered
Good day, CIOs. For the past decade, the emergence of companies such as Uber Technologies Inc. and Airbnb Inc. fed notions of a future of work where short-time jobs would become the norm...more>>
WSJ: The Future of Work Requires Investments in Human Capital
The demand for workers who are good at complex problem-solving, interactions with clients and colleagues, and able to adapt to new tools and technologies is rising, while the demand for less advanced skills that can be replaced by technology is declining...more>>
WSJ: Human Capital and the Changing Nature of Work
The rise of digital platform firms means that technological effects reach more people faster than ever before...more>>
Silicon Canals: Talentsoft raises $50M to accelerate growth: Plans to become HR tech unicorn soon
Talentsoft, a leading provider of learning and human capital management software solutions in Europe, has raised a $50 million in the funding round led by Francisco Partners...more>>
CNBC: The 10 most in-demand skills of 2019, according to LinkedIn
The United States is currently experiencing one of the tightest labor markets in history and many say that the country is currently facing a skills gap...more>>
Los Angeles Times: The tech talent is rumbling in Silicon Valley
"Not OK, Google." These three words - chanted and splashed on signs during November's worldwide walkout of an estimated 20,000 Google employees - summed up the newly combative mood emerging from the campuses of Silicon Valley...more>>
TechCrunch: The Mom Project, a job site for moms returning to work, nabs $8M from Initialized and more
If you are a mother who has taken a break from full-time employment to raise kids, you may have also experienced the challenge that is jumping back into the working world after your break...more>>
NYT: Chase for Talent Pushes Tech Giants Far Beyond West Coast
This generation's biggest technology companies - including Apple, Amazon and Google - have long been tied to their hometowns. Now these giants are increasingly outgrowing their West Coast roots...more>>
Inc: This Avoidable Situation Is Costing U.S. Businesses $11 Billion Every Single Year
In the marketing world, it's well understood that building happy and loyal brand advocates is the key to ensuring a healthy stream of returning customers. In the recruitment space, many companies fail to recognize the lessons inherent in customer loyalty schemes...more>>
The World Bank: Human Capital Project
Welcome to the Human Capital Project, a global effort to accelerate more and better investments in people for greater equity and economic growth...more>>
WSJ: Now Hiring, With Attractive New Perk: Free College Degree
Companies say benefits of a happy, better-educated staff outweigh the costs of paying for workers' college education...more>>
Training Industry: How Executive Education Is Changing
Everywhere we look, we can see disruption. Established business models collapse under the onset of digitization...more>>
CLO: We Are Underinvesting in Human Capital
Despite underinvestment, L&D is more important than ever...more>>
HR Dive: Employers continue to spend more money on L&D
Businesses continue to invest in employee development, according to a new survey from ATD. ATD's 2018 State of the Industry report shows employers increased their per-employee spend on training again in 2017, up nearly 2% to $1,296...more>>
PE Hub Network: Skills shortage fuels corporate e-learning and PE interest
Remember when a college degree was a ticket to a long, successful career? Not anymore...more>>
Venture Beat: DataCamp raises $25 million for customizable online data science courses
Data scientists, engineers, and researchers are in demand. According to LinkedIn, as of August 2018 in the U.S., the tech industry is experiencing a shortage exceeding 150,000 of people with data science skills...more>>
HRDive: Walmart pledges $4M to Colorado retail training programs
Walmart will provide a $4 million grant to the Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC), allowing it to launch 10 new retail sector partnerships with local workforce development boards...more>>
The Hill: How to train 2 million Americans for high-skilled jobs for free
...The future of work is here. If just a few major employers began to repurpose their $200 billion recruiting budget on purpose-training a new generation of American workers, we'd solve the future of work challenge...more>>
WSJ: Looking for an Alternative to College? U.S. Studies German Apprenticeships
Randall Woodfin, the young mayor of Birmingham, Ala., unseated a popular incumbent last year partly on a promise to bring in jobs...more>>
Chronicle: General Education Can Wait, Says an Online-Learning Leader. Here's Why.
...Gilbert is president of BYU-Pathway Worldwide, the online program that was born last year out of Brigham Young University-Idaho, and he's on a mission to get more colleges to recognize or even adopt a curricular model pioneered there. It's a model that sounds to me like "stackable credentials" on steroids. Gilbert calls it "certificate first."...more>>
ELearning Inside: Have Online Degrees and Credentials Finally Lost Their Stigma?
A new report by Northeastern University's Center for the Future of Higher Education and Talent Strategy has concluded that employers-specifically, human resources (HR) leaders-are now increasingly interested in candidates' credentials, not simply their degrees...more>>
EdDive: Students have plenty of credential options but lack information on value, quality
As educators race to meet workplace demand for new skills, the number of unique credentials including traditional degrees, certificates and other programs that are offered in the U.S. has grown to about 650,000, said Scott Cheney, executive director of Credential Engine, a nonprofit that aims to make credentials more transparent...more>>
Working Nation: College Alternatives: The disruption in higher education is here
The cost of higher education goes up while successful outcomes are going down. A new class of college alternatives promise faster and cheaper pathways says University Ventures' Ryan Craig...more>>
EdSurge: Online Coding School Lambda Raises $30M, Looks Toward Medicine and Cybersecurity
Coding bootcamps have been quick to adopt income-share agreements, or ISAs, as they work to figure out funding models amid a fast-changing industry...more>>
Andreessen Horowitz: What's Next for Education Startups
Everyone expects schools at all levels - from pre-school to post-graduate universities - to change fundamentally as software turbocharges both students and teachers, enables new business models, and brings scale to an industry that often prides itself on its cottage-industry status (think about the debate over classroom sizes)...more>>
Gamedev.net: Investment in Game-Based Learning Sharply Up in 2018
Investment in game-based learning companies was sharply up in 2018, according to leading serious games analyst firm, Metaari. A total of $2.25 billion went to 133 companies. In contrast, $948.2 million was invested in 150 game-based learning companies in 2017...more>>
EdSurge: China's Yuanfudao Raises $300 Million From Tencent at $3 Billion Valuation
Founded in 2012, Yuanfudao currently offers live tutoring services covering K-12 school subjects and courses for adult learners, and claims it has over 200 million users. According to The Information, the company earned an estimated 700 million yuan (approximately US $101 million) last year...more>>
Yahoo Finance: 5 Top-Ranked Education Stocks to Buy for 2019
With the help of the Zacks Stock Screener, we have handpicked five stocks from the industry based on a good Zacks Rank and other relevant metrics that are reaping the benefits of the current positive scenario and also have the potential to grow further...more>>
Inc: 3 Things You Need to Know About Gen Z in 2019
Reaching out to Gen Z requires an authenticity few brands possess. So here's your opportunity...more>>
Dell: The Gen Z effect
Dell Technologies surveyed 12,000 Gen Z secondary and post-secondary students. Results show they're confident about their tech skills but unsure about their readiness for the workforce. Meanwhile, senior professionals worry they'll be outpaced by Gen Z...more>>
IndianWeb2: Byju's to Acquire 4 to 5 US-based Edtech Companies in Next 6 Months
One of India's newest unicorns and most valuable education tech startup, BYJU's, is in talks with four or five US-based companies in edtech segment for possible acquisition in order to speed up company's global expansion goal...more>>
EdSurge: Claiming a $3.6B Valuation, Byju's Raises $540M to Expand Globally With English Classes
In the biggest fundraise for an online education company in recent years, Byju's has raised $540 million from Naspers, a South African media conglomerate, the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board and private equity firm General Atlantic...more>>
TechCrunch: Disney's invested in educational gaming app Kahoot, now at a $376M valuation
When Kahoot, the startup that operates a popular platform for user-generated educational gaming, raised $15 million in October of this year, we mentioned that Disney had a stake in the company by way of the Disney Accelerator, and it had an option to become a larger shareholder if it exercised its warrants...more>>
US News: Controversial Virtual School Operator Pivots to Job Training
K12 Inc., The controversial for-profit virtual charter school operator, plans to pivot its entire platform to career education and has laid the groundwork to offer the new programs in 40 states over the next three years...more>>
IFC: Private Education in Emerging Markets, An Investor's Perspective
In an interview with IFC, Shelley Osborne, Head of Learning and Development at the U.S.-based online education provider Udemy, shares her insights into current and future market trends...more>>
Edscoop: Education ranked worst at cybersecurity out of 17 major industries
The education industry has been ranked the worst in cybersecurity out of 17 major industries. Analysis published last week by SecurityScorecard, a New York City-based IT security company, reveals an incredible risk to students considering the sheer amount of personal data amassed on school networks...more>>
News Tribune: $110 million for tech-education? Yes, please
The expense of post-secondary education combined with the difficulty of navigating career pathways are the top reasons why 60 percent of Washington students don't earn a college degree or finish a credential by the time they turn 26...more>>