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EdTech Leader Interviews with Todd Hand

Episode 1: Intro to EdTech Leader Interviews
Meet Todd | @HandTodd | /in/toddhand
  • Todd Hand, Managing Director of the Education Practice at BSG
  • Understand the genesis behind the podcast series.
  • Why it exists, who should be listening; and what can be expected.


Episode 2: Jaime Casap, Chief Education Evangelist at Google
Meet Jaime@jcasap | /in/jaimecasap
  • The “future of learning” and how to really create Personalization
  • The current models of learning are not set up to take advantage of technology
  • What is the Phoenix Coding Academy?
  • How does Google think about the future of education?
  • The power of virtual reality


Episode 3: Alana Dunagan, Research Fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute
Meet Alana | @alanadunaganed | /in/alanadunagan
  • The Innovator’s Dilemma hits higher Ed with Purdue’s acquisition of Kaplan U.
  • Is this evidence of the “unbundling” of the higher education industry?
  • Are Purdue and Kaplan equaling sharing the risk?
  • Is Mitch Daniels ahead of the curve?
  • What’s next for PPP’s?


Episode 4: Rob Lytle, Managing Director, Co-head of Education at Parthenon-EY
Meet Rob | @robert_s_lytle | /in/robertslytle
  • Identifying growth sectors in the for-profit education industry
  • Will there be more consolidation in K-12?
  • Will PPP’s increase in Higher Education?
  • How are bootcamps changing Higher Education?
  • State of the consumer in education


Episode 5: Jane Swift, Former Massachusetts Governor and EdTech Executive
Meet Jane | @janemswift | /in/governorjaneswift
  • Crisis management
  • Increasing the ranks of women executives in education
  • Recruiting tech talent from outside of education
  • The new administration’s impact on states’ efforts to be laboratories of education change


Episode 6: Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, CEO at Hogan Assessment Systems
Meet Tomas | @drtcp | /in/drtomaschamorro
  • Talent management and the psychology of human capital
  • Good leaders build good systems
  • Over-used strengths become weaknesses
  • How authenticity is misunderstood
  • “Moderate misfits”


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