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  • What impact does promoting the most skilled salesperson to a management position have on sales figures - is it a positive or negative effect? Great research with counterintuitive results. Does the Peter Principle really exist?
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    • Statistics and highlights from this interview
      • Researchers studied what happened when a worker moved from what the researchers identified as an average boss to a high-quality boss.  Such a move, they found, increased productivity by as much as 50 percent — so if this were a call center, and a given worker handled 100 calls per shift under an average boss, an excellent boss could boost that to 150 calls
      • More impactful is the effect on employee retention & turnover with “good bosses” vs. bad—good bosses engender an attrition drop of 60% over bad bosses.  “So a good boss seems capable of keeping the best employees happy, and presumably productive. Conversely, a bad boss might drive away the best employees. The Tadelis-Hoffman paper was published in 2021 in the Journal of Political Economyone of the best econ journals.”

  • Are personality profiling assessment tools like Myers-Briggs basically just pseudoscience such as astrology? If so, what are more scientifically grounded methods to gain better insights into both potential new hires and existing staff?
    • With great wit and humor, Adam Grant—the well-known Professor of Psychology at Wharton, weekly podcast host, and popular arbiter of all things true-and-false about how humans think—unveils the false positives of the Myers-Briggs personality assessment tool (also known as the MBTI), and educates on the gold standard in personality assessment—the 5-factor model.

  • Amazon trains all its employees on EQ.  If they do, should we as leaders of other companies? Discuss…

    From Dan Goleman, the father of what is called  EI (emotional intelligence) or EQ (emotional quotient). Rich Hua, World Wide Head of EPIC Leadership at Amazon, has enabled EI training for over 250,000 Amazon employees, customers, and Partners. In this interview, he discusses the shift in awareness in the tech industry toward a greater understanding of the importance of EI.