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  1. Why People-Focused Leaders Are the Key to Overcoming Recessionary Worries

The multiple layers of uncertainty surrounding whether we are heading into a recession, the timeline, and the expectations around who may be affected have us all on edge. This piece opines what we know intrinsically about successful wartime leadership—that taking care of your people will leave you in better standing than if not—but doubles down with some key action steps for how to do so as we continue to tiptoe along the edge of recessionary concerns.

  1. What will happen when the source of information changes? When the world shifts from search engines, will you be prepared to manage the flow of information and key decision-making? We’re tracking leadership development and coaching alongside these powerful shifts.

The Dark Side of ChatGPT: Future Leaders will have to compete against AI in a way that they are wildly unprepared for.

  1. When things get tough, money still talks loudest. While Gen Z had been brought into an economic boom time where pet insurance as a company benefit has made the difference in whether they considered a job switch worthy or not, now that employment adversity is being felt for the first time, actual pay is rising up the stack rank in importance.
    In short, workers are prioritizing their paycheck more than benefits. 30% of workers say higher pay is the most important quality in their employment moving forward, more than any other work perk. 

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